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The network marketing sphere is part of the immense plethora of "earn money online" narratives found throughout the internet space, constituting the fuel by which the elusive market runs it's engine.

Where many seek to find stability or hope toward the wellbeing of their families future, a new lifestyle awaits and the truth of hard work, late nights and endless calls puts restitution as rare as the reward yearned.

Networking has been the backbone of every great company, those among the most successful have developed systems that leverage networking and position themselves somewhere between networking and the world's largest industry, communication. This combination of position and system type are meticulous in offsetting their marketing to businesses and personal brand influencers while attracting passive system earnings. 

Every human capable of communicating is networking, either in their business, neighborhood, home or socials, constantly driving conglomerate agendas, products or services, without even knowing it.

Think of the Nike you bought because of popularity, the car you drive was decided on from conversations with friends or the internet you referred to a few people who signed up because of you.

The size and reach of networking is as large as mankind and is also the least rewarded, which most of experience as unrealised profit. 

A brave intellectual property has been in ideation for 7 years building an accessible system to harness the monetisation of our networking at the point of value where we share information. 

YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon are perfect examples of systems without actual products that hold infinite game over their most skilled or famous clientele driven by carefully thought through business models that are recession proof. 

These prominent businesses models require more diligent work and development upfront often avoided or bought out by venture capital in their infancy to maintain market dominance. 

A startup called Ark4Verse is taking an approach to leverage developmental funding and community ownership to the next level to bring these principles and secrets into your control and to allow anyone to own a facility of earning autonomy, sharing and learning with assisted ai features to solve nearly every problem we as people face.

"People give value, yet people are undervalued" - Sean R W Allen

This article was published on 11.07.2024 by Sean Allen
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