Golden Mines - USD Edition

This project and MLM is simple but a little bit to hard to understand how it works. Cause where is it that they make the money?! Is this free money?! I bet... But like other programs of MLM we do not not how the money comes and how they do it to win. Experience in the market maybe. But this is a very simple way. I get the daily bonus and star buying gnomes. So they can mine ore and transform in gold so i can buy more gnome for more ore or trade ore into money.

"About the project

Cost of renting gnomes is only from 1 USD (100 gold coins).

Automatic system of ore accumulating! Carrying of ore without losses and restrictions in terms! Carry the ore as it’s convenient for you!

Even once an hour, even once a day, even once a month! The ore doesn’t disappear and will be kept in carts until you carry it to the storehouse 

Well organized production allows to process the ore immediately and get gold coins! 

Maximal fast payoffs of money to your wallet!

In the process of the game new blocks will be added which will allow to fill up reserve for sustaining the productivity that will give additional guarantee to the players!"

Your Workers:

Here you can hire different gnomes. Every gnome mines ore which can be processed and swap for real money. Every type of gnomes has an individual character and mines different amount of ore; the more expensive the gnome is, the more hard working he is. You can hire unlimited amount of gnomes, our magic gnomes don’t get tired and will mine 24 hours per day!


Productivity: 7 units per hour

Cost: 100 gold coins

Already taken: 1


Productivity: 70 units per hour

Cost: 1000 gold coins

Already taken: 0


Productivity: 185 units per hour

Cost: 2500 gold coins

Already taken: 0


Productivity: 385 units per hour

Cost: 5000 gold coins

Already taken: 0


Productivity: 965 units per hour

Cost: 10000 gold coins

Already taken: 0

This is the type of gnomes you can buy. But no need to spend money if you want to make a long time playing site. Feel free to see how it works. It as been up a long time. So enjoy and feel free to give your money or to wait for the daily bonus so you can get more gnomes more gold faster.

It seems like a joke but there is no other way i can explain the site and the MLM opportunity. 

In the case i can't make network Marketing with my prospects, so is a MLM opportunity.

Good Luck and make money so you can mine ore and transform in gold...

This article was published on 27.04.2016 by Albano Botelho
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