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United Games is a company who are working with Mark Mongie, the former Creative Director from EA Sports (He created Madden Football and Nascar Thunder to name a few), to create a first of it’s kind, interactive, live sports app.

Over $30 million has been spent on the creation of the app, which will be launching in September.

It will be a free app to download, and the game itself will be played by using tokens which can either be earned for free (by watching ads or sharing on social media etc) or by purchasing through the app.

The app is still in BETA testing but the aim of it is based around live sports games and certain outcomes within that game.

If I use myself as an example of a player…

I have downloaded the free app and as an avid Liverpool fan I have a look at our match which is coming up. I invite 5 of my friends to play, and because it is me doing the inviting, I get to ‘call the shots’. I choose 5 shots that need calling, which could be: Who gets the first corner, which team get the first shot on goal? How many bookings in the first half etc. Everyone within my game makes their guesses and the winner is whoever get the most points by getting the most correct. You can play multiple games at once and all the points can be traded for real life prizes-football shirts, ipads, holidays etc.

The game will initially be launching with American Football and MLS Soccer but European Football will follow almost immediately, the many other sports will be added, golf, cricket, basketball and rugby to name a few.


United Games are fully aware of how quickly the app industry is growing, and how much more it is expected to grow within the next 12 months so they needed to think outside the box on how to promote the app to gain maximum exposure, and this is where we come in!

United Games have opened the door up to affiliates who have the job of spreading the word through social media or any other way they can think of. Every single one of us have shared something on Facebook or Twitter, or have looked at something one of our friends have shared.

United Games have created a unique referral system where as an affiliate we can bring in other affiliates (although this door will be closing very soon as there is a cap on the amount of affiliates), and also bring players into the game, and then pay the affiliates lifetime earnings off the players they bring in. We will earn off TOKENS ACQUIRED which means whether the player buys a token or earns a token for free, we get paid either way. And because every player has to be tied to an affiliate, when your players share the app and then those people share the app and so on, they will all be classed as your players so you will earn off every single one of them.

It costs $29.99 (20 quid approx.) to become an affiliate and then $9.99 (£6) per month technology fee to stay as one, which is quite frankly a tiny drop in the ocean to what we will be earning.

As I mentioned before, every player has to be tied to an affiliate. The app is going to be available to download from the 4 app stores. All of the people that download directly from the app stores will be given to the affiliates through a rotator system. 10 million people downloaded Candy Crush through an app store in its first month alone….

Here is the latest seminar led by Natalyn Lewis, co-owner of United Games. It is 2 hours long but it explains everything perfectly and is so exciting to listen to

Every single person who becomes an affiliate is going to earn a lot of money through this, but there are some groups of people who have the potential to earn life changing amounts of money, professional sports people, retired sports people, bar owners, people with large followings on social media to name a few. There are a number of very prominent American sports stars that have already signed up as affiliates as they can see just how big this is going to be, and with them having large followings on social media, they are going to have a massive amount of people downloading the app through their link. If you know anyone within the sport industry, you would be very wise to speak to these people about this opportunity asap before they cap the affiliates.

If you are interested in getting involved you just need to register soon which is a very quick process. The doors are closing to affiliates in  3 weeks, So time is running out on this amazing opportunity. Please get back to me I will send you the link straight away. 

James Willson, United Games Independent Affiliate 

This article was published on 31.07.2016 by James Willson
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