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Do you feel down, worry a lot, have questions about how to deal with what your going though in life check it out. I have studied psychology for 10 years and I am open and more than willing to give advice, listen, come up with Solutions and if you need a daily quote or something inspiring I’ll do that too. I am Christian but I hear everyone out. Come help me help you. I got books and pictures of inspiration things, saying, reminders. I can help you just get though your day and maybe sometime pay it forward.        www.mlmgateway.com/?refcode=14515082 let’s get better together. Right now is the worst time for mental health please everyone be safe and care a little more and we can get thought it. I have a lot of medical knowledge but I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I know I can help you and so many people and that’s what means the most to me. Here’s a little more about me I suffer from mental illness and I am one to stand up and say hey something needs done so let’s do it. I’m not judgement. I have ptsd really bad. I have 3 kids. 2 who are in law school and the other is disabled but let me tell you something. They told me he would be in a wheelchair he’s 20 now and not, he was supposed to never hold a job. He’s been at his job got almost 2 years. I pushed all my children to be their best and they prove to me all the time that I did a good job and I can help others. Again my link is http://www.mlmgateway.com/?refcode=14515082. In the end this is about you and how you feel that’s what counts because if you don’t like/love yourself then you can’t love. Do me a favor and look at your whole body today and find what you love about yourself and write it down anything you have for me write it down. Here’s the key to that do it in one notebook and remember where you put it. I know I get frustrated because I forget but I’ve come up with tricks. You should at least give me a try when your blue.

This article was published on 29.05.2021 by Crystal Crandall
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