About Me and Why I chose The Business I Did

Hello. My name is Frederick Jaeger and I have been involved with internet marketing for the past sixteen years.

First I would like to give you a brief bio of myself. I worked for thirty-three years as a shipping and receiving clerk, about five years at a garden center and the past fifteen years as a public safety security guard.

I have been married to the most wonderful woman a man could ever have or wish for , for the past thirty three years. She doesn't really understand about internet online businesses but she supports me.

My interest are reading books of all genres. I also am somewhat of a self made scholar on our American Civil War and on Edgar Allan Poe. Books are my first big love after online marketing. 

I also love music from the American Civil War era, and folk music, country and Irish Music.

I have never danced to anything in my life, but several years ago this person came into a tavern, dressed like a cowboy and did a country line dance. I was mesmerized and fell in love with it and just had to learn it. It turned out this cowboy was going to give line dance lessons.  I was terrible!  This cowboy's name was Wally and he told my wife he thought I was hopeless but that he would try to keep working with me.  Eventually I got so good that I could also teach line dancing.  It was the most fun thing I ever did, learning to country line dance.

Regarding the internet and online marketing, I have really been through the school of hard knows. I have probably seen everything and seen some good programs and some that were terrible. Some I made money and some I lost money. I kept hearing about multi streaming. Well I soon figured out that that cost more additional money and instead of learning to do one business well with one hundred percent of my efforts, that now I had several that were not getting one hundred percent of my attention. Also multi-streaming to me meant spending more money on advertising  which also had to be spread thin as compared to if I could use all that I spent on multi-streaming on just one program I would have been better of. And of course I was always looking to find a newer better program , ready to leave a program I wasn't into for too long if something else sounded better.

So I eventually found myself where I am right now with a great program and great commissions which sells courses on every aspect of financial education,

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This article was published on 01.07.2016 by Frederick Jaeger
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Nengi Miraa Great intro Frederick!  3 months ago

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