Helping Hands International ... The future of MLM

If you want to partner with poverty create one stream of income.

If you want to share your apartment with poverty keep on with your  job and pay no attention to any other thing.

If you want to enter into covenant with poverty keep giving excuses.

Keep observing and 

Keep doubting.

If you want to make money quick join Helping Hands (H2i).

If u want to get one USD at  165 naira join Helping Hand(H2i).

We are possessing jeeps and dollars in the time of recession..

No salary slash. No sack letter.

All we see in Helping Hand is dollar! Dollar!! Dollar!!!:everyday at the rate of #165to $1

Helping Hands(H2i) is forcing us into mega millionaire.

THIS IS HOW Helping Hands International Business Plan WORKS:

In Stage 1... 6 people are needed to complete it

If u registered with 6600... u will need to refer 6 pple for u to be able move Into stage 2

If u registered with 13200.. u will need 5 persons

If u registered with 19800.. u will need 4 persons

If u registered with 46,200... its automatic ticket to Stage 2

Now... in H2i, Positioning matters. And multiple accounts rock!

What this means is that.... 19800 partners will earn the dollars x 3, get 3 laptops, 3 dubai trips, 3 Elantras

In 19800 registration... what u do is simply duplicating yourself in 3 places before u refer any person

So that... wen u eventually refer... those people will be working for your 3 accts

Earnings in Stage 1 are as follows :

For each person u refer... u earn $8 instant

If u refer 2 pple... ul earn $8 x 2 = $16

If dey do.. they will also earn $16, while H2i gvs u a bonus of $10 as a stage completion bonus. 

Making it a total of $26

That is: $16 + $10 = $26 and ul be moved into stage 2

If you refered all 6 people needed in Stage 1... u will earn 

$8 x 6 = $48 + stage completion bonus of $10.

$48 + $10 = $58 and ul be moved Into stage 2

The official exchange rate of H2i is N165/$1

And that is the standard rate nationwide... the economy inflation of dollars doesn't affect it in anyway

Stage 2 - Master Stage 

In.this stage.. it is TEAM WORK

Stage 2 has 5 levels of earning

All u need work with is the 6 people u had in Stage 1

Stage 2 comprises of those 6 people u had in stage 1, and ALL the people those 6 and their teams will refer !

This is why is it called a Team Work Stage. None of us can do it alone!

Further explaination:

Stage 2 has 5 levels

When all the 6 pple u brought earlier joins u in stage 2... u will recieve a bonus of $100 (N16,500)

Stage 2 level 1 - Nil

Stage 2 level 2 - $100 (N16,500)

Stage 2 level 3 - $200 (N33,000)

Stage 2 level 4 - $300 (N49,500)

Stage 2 level 5 - $400 (N66,000)

Every partner needs a total of 62 ALL STAGE 2 people to complete the stage!

This simply means that : if u brought in A, B, C, D, E & F.... that is your 6 ppl 

A is to bring 6 partners

B is to bring 6 partners

C is to bring 6 partners

D is to bring 6 partners

E is to bring 6 partners

F is to bring 6 partners

Counting all from A- F is the TOTAL PARTNERS THAT COMPRISES YOUR TEAM. And as the new 6ppl keeps coming in and duplicating.... that is how ur stage 2 is being filled and hence completed

Now the simplest ideology here is: if every one u sign up brings in 2 person each... ul discovered that stage 2 completion is achievable within 2months top!

So $1000 = N165,000
Additional incentives for stage 2 :

Customised Hp Laptop or an iPad

As soon as you get ur Stage 2 level 5 $400... u r moved into Stage 3

Stage 3 also is TEAMWORK


All their downlines... counts for you

Stage 3 also has 5 levels of earning

Stage 3 level 1 - $200 (33K)

Stage 3 level 2 - $300 (49,500)

Stage 3 level 3 - $500 (82,500)

Stage 3 level 4 - $500 ( 82,500)

Stage 3 level 5 - $1500 ( 247,500)

Total earnings in Stage 3 is $3000 ( N495,000)

The beautiful thing about h2i, is that you earn as you finish each level,  so you are motivated for the next level to Conquer it and more wonderful incentives awaits you in the next stages.

Additional incentives :

Latest model of Customised keyless Hyundai Elantra Car

You recommend 2 persons ( family or less privileged person for empowerment and H2i gvs u $2000 (330K) for them

This article was published on 22.09.2016 by Fred Udoh
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