IQ Life presents cyber security and social media business opportunity

If you have a smart phone, shop online or do your taxes online your identity is at risk. Purchase one of our cyber security products. Such as iqdefender our commercial grade anti-virus software, iq idlock: protect your identity from online predators and monitor your credit cards, telemedicine services and more. Get access to iqunite our new social media platform that rewards you for what you already do on social media and shop in iqshop and get cash back from your favorite retailers on all your purchases the first stream is designed to establish a strong core of lead marketers and business builders from all around the world and from all walks of life, who simply build teams of affiliates that promote and share iqlife's world class digital services to the end user and earn commisions from these sales through their connected social grid by purchasing any of iqlife's powerful digital services and getting yourelf in position as an affiliate/first inviter. The second stream is designed to create a worldwide social media movement. Social media users are experiencing an awakening of sorts as the world is finally becoming aware of the reality of how social media works and the real substantial value the user actually bring to te social media platforms. Iq life will reward all of our affiliates and socialites when they send an invitation which results in a new profile creation. The important part here is, from that point forward, everyone is connected to the inviter- for life. Social media is making big revenue with monetization. Think about how social media has grown over the last 10 years. Facebook started in 2004 it took them 52 days to reach 10,000,000 users and now they host over 1.2 billion users on a daily basis and their net worth is 140 billion dollars. Then twitter comes along in 2006 an they get to 10,000,000 users in 780 days now they host hundreds of millions of users and their worth is over 50 billion dollars. Then google plus comes along in 2011 and reach 10,000,000 users in 16 days and limited your invite to 5 a day and still reahed that goal and not 1person that made those connections happen to receive anything for it. The big difference between all social media apps and ou social media platform is tha rewards will not be in th hands of the founders but shared with all of us responsible for growing the platform by bringing in users. From this business model, you will reap the benefits for your participation. Isn't it about time

This article was published on 20.03.2016 by Stanley Robinson
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