From South Africa? Here Is your Chance To Be Big!

Hello, and the million dollar question today is....


Why am I asking this?

Because I have been loaded with people requesting to join my team from South Africa, and I mean at least one person everyday almost.

But, I am not in South Africa, I am in the USA.

So if you are from South Africa, and want to be blessed with an opportunity to have a huge South African team...

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The Issue We Have

Of all the people in South Africa who have reached out to me and asked to get involved on the team, none of them have USD or United States Dollars.

USD is the form of payment my company uses, and unless an individual has the USD or a way to get a card that can transfer Rhands into USD, these affiliates are unable to join.

If you are in South Africa, and are involved in network marketing, and can except Rhands from others, and transfer them into USD (like a bank account), then you have a super opportunity in your hands you may never see again.

The Opportunity For Someone In South Africa

This is only good for 1 person.

Once someone steps up and takes this spot, no one else can get it.

If you are the first person in South Africa, to have access to join the team, then all the others who are not able to get USD will be placed under you, as your own personally sponsored business partners.


Everyone in South Africa (or other parts of Africa including Ghana and Nigeria) will be sent over to you to get into the business.

They will pay you in Rhands through cash or Paypal, and you will set their spots up under yourself as the personal sponsor.

This will result in a lot of extra business partners, all which you are the sponsor of.

Every single person who contacts me from Africa, especially South Africa, will be sent to speak to you and join through you. 

Why Would I Do This?

The is several people who are being left out, who reach out to me wanting to join but only have Rhands in cash.

They can't get it turned over to USD, and want to join the company.

So, I need someone in South Africa who can take Rhands and put them into their bank account, and purchase the people of South Africa who can't use USD.

It will be an extra step of work, I know. But the reward will be worth it.

I will in return, make sure that ANY and ALL South Africa people who join the team, are sponsored by you as the personal enroller.

This will help you build a team through my advertising efforts and work, on top of any you may chose to do for yourself.

We are also taking off in Ghana very big, so if you can make purchases there as well, and help, then we will include those countries to your spot as well.

I will do this because your involvement will help add many more people to our team, and without you, they will not be able to join.

So why would I not do it? I can give it all to you and get a piece of it through my company, or get nothing. I believe you see now why this is so important to be handled quickly.

And you can speak their language and work one on one with them better than I could!

How To Contact Me Quickly

If you are willing to step up and be the one who will join our team, and signup the people of South Africa under yourself, all you do is message me here on MLMGateway.

Or you can leave a comment below, and I will send you a connection request so we can message each other.

If you do not have a credit for connecting, comment below and I'll use my credits to connect with you.

As of now, just in the past 3 weeks, 6 people have been turned down and are unable to join due to this problem.

They say they have the cash, but no bank account.

So if you have an account that can buy from the US, we can get these people involved as your personal enrollees and you will get the bonuses for them. It would help me, and you tremendously!

P.S If you want to see what everyone in South Africa is wanting to join, go here and set up a free spot in our success line. If you are able to make a purchase, then you are the one who will get all the people from that area when they join.

This article was published on 18.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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