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Forever Living is a Financial Freedom Business Opportunity 

Welcome all to The Money Team if you don't take risks you will always work for someone who does

We Work on a point system that we call CC's,that's how the company track our performances and our monthly bonus cheques depends on how many cc we accumulate collectively as a team,the more people you pull up on the marketing plan the better cos the more money they make your cheque grows as well,so it is importance to pull your team members up the Marketing plan,basically Forever is about duplication 

You're probably thinking....what is "CCs".....

CC is abbreviation for Case credits.

Case credit is a point system used by forever to track your performance.

Everyone's target for each month is to do a total of 4CC,from manager,assistant manger down to the people that are still new to the business,its everyone's duty to do 4CC

Doing 4CC means that you are doing the business correctly...

4CC is the breathing of your business,it's what drives you in the right direction in the business....

How do you achieve to do this 4CC???..

Well there are so many ways to do 4CC:

✅Buy stock for your own use worth 1CC(its important to use stock yourself so you yourself will have first hand experience of your products)

✅Buy stock worth 2CC for retail,recruit 1person that joins and buys stock for R3000

✅Buy your personal 1CC

Recruit a person that joins and buys 1CC(R3000) stock,recruit another that buys 2CC(R6000)stock.

✅Buy your personal 1CC.

Recruit 3 people that join and buy 1CC each.

Each time you introduce a new person in the business and they buy their stock of R6000 the company pays you a once off payment of R900 and if they buy for R3000 you get R470 within 10 working days just to say thank you for sharing the business opportunity with that person

On the 15th monthly you get paid leadership bonus

You also get up to 48% profit when you sell your products 

We then have extra incentives such as International Travel, Car allowances, Thirteen cheque.

All that you need to do is have a dream and follow your dream don't get sight lined due to fear of the unknown. Don't allow negative talks pull you down remember your dream.. Success is in the hands of the beholder

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