Kill Just 2 Birds? Instead Kill The Entire Flock With Just One Stone

Ever heard the saying "kill 2 birds with one stone"?

It makes perfect sense, getting two things accomplished with just one action. And in our industry, we really could use more productive activities.

But why just get 2 advantages out of one activity? Why not find ways to do one action, and get multiple benefits from that one action.

In today's business announcement, I want to take a dive into what all you can do to get multiple advantages out of doing a single activity, and make your time more productive.

Productivity (Where The Money Is)

Productivity is truly where the money is.

If you are not being productive with your time, you are loosing money like crazy.

So by finding ways to make your time more productive, you increase every angle of your business.

Lead generation, content creation, building your following, increasing presentations, signing up more people into your MLM and so on.

So keep in mind productivity is key, and finding ways to get more for the same time is a good thing.

Content Creation

Content is king, and by creating content, you attract interested prospects to your business.

One way to get a lot of productivity accomplished is through content.

Here are some examples of how:

Blog Post With Video Included

You create a blog post of something valuable to your niche. Include a video inside the post. It's a simple action and you can use it for massive amounts of advantages:

a) Content to share on your social media platforms

b) Content to email to your list

c) Content for building your Youtube channel

d) Content for running social media ads

e) Video helps your content rank higher in search engines for organic traffic

f) Use video to add to articles across the internet, increasing Youtube exposure for channel

g) Link to blog post in other articles, helping drive up backlinks for SEO

There is a lot you can take advantage of by simply creating one blog post and video. The ideas are endless, and they all feed onto one another helping you gain momentum in several areas.

Host Webinars

Don't think you can't host a webinar, because you can. You are smart enough and have enough experience to share something with a newer audience. So what benefits can we get from one webinar? 

a) Gain instant authority from your viewers

b) Increase affiliate commissions and get more signups

c) Perfect for social media advertising, get lots of new leads

d) Recording serves as the video for a new blog post

e) Helps increase Youtube channel and subscribers, etc

f) Use as a sponsored video on Youtube to get loyal subscribers

g) Great for sharing on social media platforms to increase following

h) Use as a free gift on your blog to capture new leads (lead magnet)


Even when you are reaching out to new people about your MLM business, you can prospect more wisely and get a lot more productivity from the same amount of time. 

Using the MLM Recruit On Demand system, your abilities are strengthened and you get more income and results from the same amount of work.

a) Go straight to the people who have proven they like network marketing, save time

b) Use as a rapport building tool if prospect is happy with their company

c) Find experienced networkers who can bring teams of people over to your business

d) Use the system as a income source for people who are wanting to build their own MLM business

e) Help your team members get more productive and quickly find their new team members

(get a lifetime of quality leads here, without paying over and over for them)

It simply makes more sense to work in the most productive ways possible. Even when you are prospecting for new people to bring into your team, you need to be as productive as possible.

Hope this helps and opens your eyes to some new ideas!

Work hard!

P.S Be sure to send me a connection request here on MLMGateway! I will accept all requests sent!

This article was published on 05.01.2018 by Jaye Carden
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