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JongWon Kim

Office Worker


"PM products are amazing in terms of quality and cost, so I introduced the products to my family and friends.By doing so, I was able to build my own PM Business and to quit my former job.


Hello, I am JongWon Kim. I am 44 years old. I was an ordinary office worker for 16 years, before I started with PM. As I went through frequent night shifts with lots of drinking with my colleagues, my health got noticeably worse. Therefore, one of my friends introduced me to Activize. I loved it right away. PM products are amazing in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, so I introduced the products to my family and friends. By doing so, I was able to build my own PM Business, and was able to quit my former job. With many helps, my business grew very fast, and I was able to earn more than 1,000 € within just two months. Currently, I enjoy the time and economic freedom that PM was able to grant me. I am looking forward with the future and I firmly believe PM will lead to me to a long-lasting happy life with my family. Thank you.”

Sarah Trettin

Veterinary Assistant


"I wasn’t able to do my job as veterinary assistant anymore.Since I am using the products, I feel healthier.I am fitter, more motivated and I have a short regeneration time.And my skin texture has changed.

The negative energy from the past has completely vanished.


I am Sarah, 34 years old and a single mom. I live together with my son and our dog in beautiful Lübeck, Germany. In addition to the challenge of raising a child alone, I had a serious riding accident with three fractured spines many years ago. I narrowly avoided sitting in a wheelchair. I wasn’t able to do my job as veterinary assistant anymore. I came to a point where I knew that I needed to change my life. With PM, my life changed for the better. I feel healthier and more motivated. I have also built a great team with people who I would like to not only spend my free time with but also work together."

Sven Weiß

PM Team Partner


"Some years ago, I decided to start this business after all.This was the best decision for myself and my family.Everything changed, because we could build our business flexibly from home.

Today, I have enough time for my son and my wife.


My name is Sven Weiss. I am from Lichtenfels, in the beautiful Upper Franconian region of Bavaria. I grew up with my father and grandmother. I moved around with my father a lot. I switched jobs many times. And then, my dad died at a very young age. I went back to my hometown where I met my wife Janine and we have our son Louis. With PM-International we have the flexibility to work whenever, wherever and with whomever we want. Without this opportunity we couldn’t have started a family. This means for us a better quality of life and is one of the greatest assets."

Maria Nelkert

Surface mining worker



My name is Maria Nelkert. I am 29 years old from Lausitz, Germany. I work in surface mining. My parents separated when I was young. I grew up with my grandparents and my father. At a young age, I already had a vision for my future. I wanted to travel, have enough money and time. With my job in surface mining, I could not achieve this. So, I wanted more. In 2015, my father had a heart attack and from then on, I really wanted to change something. I joined PM and my life could not be better now. I love PM for giving me the opportunity to have more time and be independent. Thank you.

Marina & Antonello Longhi

Housewife & Basketball player


"Our business is a family business, we are always working together as a team. Our children are building their future with PM-International. This house, the holidays, our lives have totally changed. PM-International gave us so much.


My name is Marina, I am 56 years old and this is my husband Antonello. He is 58 years old. We have two children and they work with us at PM-International. Six years ago, PM became part of my life thanks to FitLine Ultimate Young. When my friend Monica showed me Ultimate Young, I saw a wonderful result within three minutes. I started to talk about this product that I loved with my friends. Everybody wanted to try it too. I started to earn my first money and I realized that I was on the right track. I think I did what I always did: recommend people products that make me feel good. PM-International gave us so much. It made me understand that I can also dream and make my dreams come true."

Sandro Heberlein

Business Administration Graduate


"What I noticed during the early times in my education is that the outside world is becoming more and more automated. Making a plan B is the perfect solution now, which is what PM offers. After only three years I managed to get into the President's Team. I attached my dreams on my vision board and can really plan my goals precisely now.


My name is Sandro Heberlein. I am 27 years old and I have recently graduated in Business Management. My father had already made network marketing with PM-International very early and he built a very successful career with it. When I had stepped into professional life, naturally I had my dreams and ideas. Over and over again I had to be honest with myself and say: “I am quite dissatisfied with all of my jobs.” I started as a complete beginner while studying. PM made something out of me again. You are accepted here as you are, and it is mostly the best."

This article was published on 16.07.2021 by Gang Lu
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