My Avisae I am new and doing well so anyone can do it !!!

I am new to this site, I am very new to Network Marketing and am really enjoying it.

The way i got in to network marketing it really funny. my uncle sent a Facebook MI to a man Tyler and a few weeks later Tyler drove 13 hours to meet my uncle. a little later my uncle calls and said he was coming over, it was then i learn the founder of my company came to my house.

I am so happy that I am working with a team and that I have one of the 5 founders come every mouth to work with me one on one. I am good friends with the two founders The one ( he is a millionaire) comes to see me every month from the state of Maine (13 hour drive) to help me grow and to give me advise to grow my business.

The other founder from Utah ( he is a billionaire) is also a person I can reach out to anytime and ask him a question. A few weeks ago I was at a business meeting and was able to ask him question and learn from his teachings and just get to know him as a person.

I am in a new company that is just starting out. we are a debt free company and offering shares in the company to people who join before the end of the year.

Here is a link to my website

Here is how we pay

I am also in our training system and it has help me to see that the way to be successful in life is to train yourself that you can do anything you want in life, if you have the right mindset. If you look at your world around yourself and you only see yourself as a college student that has no money to spend on what you want then you will not get what you want in your life.


I believe that you need to embrace and surround yourself with people who are successful in business, be friends with people who are willing to help you get to the place you want in your life.

What I like is the we have a Avisae Business Owners Association

What I like about this is the it is a safety net and that we pick who is going to be on the board and the every so many years we get to vote a new person in to office. YOU influence all Major Decisions

This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Josh Moore
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