3 Factors That May Stop Your Success In Network Marketing

There is a great deal of excitement once we have found our ideal business. We are excited by the products, we love the team, and we see nothing but potential and possibilities ahead of us. If this is the case, why do so many fail to launch when they begin their network marketing business. There are many factors I believe that come into play, however right now I want to focus on just 3 of them......1) Overwhelm, 2)Perfectionism and  3) No Plan. 

Overwhelm stop many from sharing what they know. With any new undertaking, there is a learning curve. The same is true when you begin your network marketing business. There is a lot to familiarize yourself with so you can become effective in sharing both the product and the opportunity. For some, they feel that they have to know EVERYTHING before they take action. That really isn’t true, you really need to know just enough to help those who know absolutely nothing. Just think they would appreciate anything you could share with them because you have just shortened their learning curve! If you try to wait until you know everything, you will never take action because it is impossible to learn everything. Remember this is an earn as you grow situation. You can avoid the deer in the headlights overwhelm if you decide to commit to learning a little at a time, while simultaneously sharing what you know. 

Perfectionism stops many from taking any action at all. We all want to do our best, however, some of us only want perfection. We can’t share the products until we have tried everything. Or maybe we won't share our website until we have the perfect picture. It is true we should always put our best foot forward. The fact is each time we make an effort it will likely be better than the last, we will always move closer to perfection, however, it is unlikely we will ever attain it. With that knowledge, it is best always to take action with the effort you have on hand. No, it may not be your best effort, but it is far better than no effort. 

Failure to plan, leave many walking in circles. I know we all know the quote, "failure to plan is a plan to fail." The fact is it is true. One of the advantages of starting with a network marketing company is that that likely have some plan of action in place. The challenge is we then must take that plan and make it our own. We have to set goals and deadlines. If we fail to do this, it is almost certain that we will not have any forward momentum. It is true, there is a lot of work that goes into building your business. It is important to work strategically and consistently so that we can see the benefits. That means to commit to learning a little each day, that will help us to defeat overwhelm. We have to decide to take action, even if everything isn’t perfect, that will help us to maintain our momentum. We should have a plan of action, and we should be committed to that plan, that is how we reach our goal. 

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This article was published on 17.04.2019 by Shantell Sweeney
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