Marketing Ideas To Build A Customer And Distributor Base

Everyone in MLM needs to build a customer and distributor base in their business.

But how?

Today I will share with you some ideas that can help you to begin building a customer and distributor base inside of your MLM company.

So let's go!

Blogging - Most powerful source. Blogging sets you up as an authority.

Videos - Videos create the most "know,like and trust" factor of all strategies.

Webinars - Host these bad boys and you will convert more reps and customers than any other form.

Social Media - Lots to cover here, each is important. Social media must be worked like blogging, use it to give value in your niche, and not to just aggravate people who aren't looking for your product.

  • Facebook - Build a business page and use it to promote your new content and valuable info.
  • Twitter - Automate Twitter with software, let it do the work for you with simple tweets added from time to time.
  • Youtube - Get social on Youtube with others, and your channel grows faster
  • Google+ - Behave the same as Facebook, and you have an extra push
  • MLM Gateway - Already here, so use it wisely!
  • Linkedin - A business type social place, that offers excellent prospects and tools

Bookmarking Sites - Used for traffic, and ranking content

  • Pinterest - Don't forget this one. It can drive lots of traffic to your content
  • Stumbleupon - Another great source for backlinks and traffic
  • Tumblr - Add your new blog posts to this platform, and try to build a following there
  • Delicious - Mostly only for backlinking
  • Digg - Another backlinking source to use
  • Reddit - A powerful backlinking source that can drive traffic if you learn how to use it

Article Marketing - Not like Blogging, articles are written on other platforms. Like this business announcement!

Traffic Exchanges / Safelists - A good place to begin learning list building, but not a place to focus all of your time. Use them wisely.

Offline Marketing - Build a local base. Use fliers, signs, posters, drop cards and such to find people in your local area.

Genealogy Lists - Pick up a phone and call some genealogy leads. You'll be surprised at how many builders can come from it

Solo Ads - If you have a budget, try buying some targeted traffic 

Social Media Ads - All the platforms offer ways to get straight to your target market for some cash

Card Grabs - See a business card? Most likely this person is entrepreneurial, so call them and see if they are open to a new project?

MLM Recruit On Demand - Use this system and you can find all kinds of good people. 190 signups in 90 days have been recorded from using this system

Use Your Imagination

I could go through several more ideas to market a MLM business, but the ones above should be enough to build a business.

Marketing is simply creating awareness of your product and service, so any style of "getting the word out" is a form of marketing.

When you market your business, always focus on value.

Did This Give You New Ideas?

If perhaps you got a new idea, or an "ah-ha" moment when reading this, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know. Also, you can share this with any team member who is asking for ideas to get more leads for their business.

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This article was published on 10.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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