Are you ready to Invest in Asteroids?

Space Will Be Our Endless Adventure

You must be in business for yourself!

You will never obtain the lifestyle you deserve working for someone else!

Asteroid is built on this simple concept.

"If you don't claim, someone else surely will"

5 Ways to get payed

1. 25% bonus paid into your cash wallet from all direct BlockClaim retail sales.

This 25% is a standard payment regardless of which pack you enter in at.

This bonus will be paid weekly.

The great thing about the Asteroid Compensation Plan is that you can choose the level at which you desire to join! Most networking marketing companies out there will make you earn your way up to higher compensation plans, this may take years until you are receiving full value from your efforts. At Asteroid we believe that you should be able to choose yourself at what level of earning you wish to join. Naturally, you may always upgrade an any time.

As a Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd. member, you will enjoy the:

 Tax advantages of business ownership

 Flexibility to set your own work hours with the freedom to work when you choose

 Extra quality time with your family

 Additional time to explore your own favourite pursuits

 Satisfaction that comes with helping others improve their lives

Your Earn Compensation as Follows:

• Direct Cash Bonus [ Asteroid is one of the best compensation plans in the industry]

• ASTRcoin Bonus "The NEW Bitcoin of Space"

• BlockClaims you yourself retain [ the latent mineral value of every BlockClaim is $1,000,000 USD]

Training and Support

We have created a simple to understand compensation structure. Those that have had experience with other affiliate marketing companies will find this refreshing approach particularly appealing.

BlockClaim Protocol

With over 940,000 Asteroids, representing over $700 Quintillion of inventory, you'll never run out of inventory, and you'll have an inventory that becomes more valuable as time goes on. Space is our final frontier. Each claimant will receive an immutable registration of their claim and will be able to hypothecate it, trade it, keep it, sell it etc.

We encourage you to work together with your team and Downline instead of in competition with them. Please take the time to review our plan and learn how you can achieve your own personal goals by becoming an IBA (Independent BlockClaim Affiliate). Navigate through our website and feel free to click on any of the links to learn more about the company, products, services and opportunity that are going to help you positively shape your future.

2.  A bonus paid into your cash wallet from the combined ACV of your ‘weak leg’ to an infinite depth! This bonus will be paid weekly. Arpina 7% Comet 8% Titan 10% Zenith 12%

3. A bonus paid in ASTRcoin directly into you e-wallet from the combined ACV of your ‘weak leg’ to an infinite depth! This bonus will be paid weekly.

4. 10% bonus paid into your cash wallet, determined from the ACV signup package cost, for those affiliates that you have personally introduced regardless of which leg they are situated under! This bonus will be paid weekly.

5. The TOP PERFORMER IBA’s will be paid from a 10% Bonus Pool, calculated from the total ACV, in any given quarter, on the following criteria: 4% Of the Bonus Pool will be paid equally to top ten ranked earners; 3% Of the Bonus Pool will be paid equally to the 11th through 50th ranked earners; 2% Of the Bonus Pool will be paid equally to the 51st through the 150th ranked earners; 1% Of the Bonus Pool will be paid equally to 151st through the 500th ranked earners. This bonus will be paid Quarterly.

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This article was published on 01.03.2021 by Grigore Turcanu
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