SMS marketing has fast become a marketing channel that is to be taken seriuosly


             These days, SMS marketing is becoming a very important marketing channel for businesses large and small... even mom and pop stores.

Because consumers all around the globe are spending more time on their phones than just about anything else they do. Their phones are pretty much with them all the time.

They use them while driving, out shopping, when they're dinning out and just about anything you find people doing these days they are connected to their phones, it's the first thing some people look at immediately after they wake up.

The market is ripe for SMS marketing

It has rappidly become a marketing channel that needs to be taken serious... If your business is to thrive and survive in the mobile landscape of today and beyond you might want to take a look at SMS marketing as a communication channel for your business... It's Global!

  Here are just three real benefits you get with SMS marketing:

1. Compared to Email, you get way better open rates 

 2. SMS gets much faster open rates - most messages are open and read with in 2 or 3  minutes of receiving them  

3. Better conversion rates - because more people are going to act and despite the effectiveness of SMS marketing, a lot of businesses still don't use it, and they're missing out on a massive opportunity to reach and communicate with their target audience more effectively.

It's the new Web 3.0

Mobile phones are replacing computers and lap tops as well, and that makes text messaging and push notifications critical to your business marketing success. SMS marketing is so effective and hardly anybody is using it.

Let's face it

Most people want to receive SMS marketing messages with special offers, discounts, coupons and information about your business or services.

Right now, there is a massive opportunity for you and your business to get an edge over your competitors.

The Mobile Revolution is Now Here... Our Company Is On The Cutting Edge!

Our company has developed a platform and a system for immediately building out smartphone apps for all our customers... we combine that technology with text messaging and push notification and instantly give you access, totally transparent.

You can now take advantage of SMS and Push Notifications with our ICANGOAPP!

Having your own phone App gives you a decisive edge over your competitors. It gives you that WOW! factor.

Find out how to start implementing SMS marketing into your business, and effectively reach and convert your customers, it's very easy to get started. Your very own beautiful, custom smartphone App for your business that your customers carry on their phones at all times.

Be part of the "IN" crowd... Don't get left behind.

Just imagine growing your business by more than 20, 30, 40% or more over the next year or so by adding a more effective marketing channel to reach your target audience. In all your marketing efforts, you'll want to get your app on as many prospects and customers phones as possible.

I invite you to discover more!

For more information visit The ICA Network and click on the I CAN GOAPP link:

Then cotact us and we will be more than happy to have a freindly chat with you.

This article was published on 14.11.2018 by James Williams
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