The Sports-App of the future.

United Games is a new affiliated driven opportunity that has just recently entered the market with a unique commission plan like no one else  has ever offered to its Affiliates.

This company has only 1 objective and that is to get the new Sports-App into as many hands as possible. Their Affiliates and Players are responsible for this objective through referrals and recommendations to others. Its not hard to do because the Sports-App is free. In fact, there is so much excitement about the new Sports-App it has already become viral in the app market just on pre-registration request. It will be available at all major App Stores this fall, 2016 and around the world. This is the next big thing! 

Simply put, the Sports-App is designed to enhance your entertainment experience while enjoying a sporting event. Say for example when watching my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys it will be more entertaining when I use the Sports-App during an actual “live game”. This does not interfere with the game at all but it enhances it because you are “part of the game”. 

Whenever a condition occurs during the game such as a time out or a commercial or a penalty discussion or an injury or whenever has caused a delay of game, the Sports-App will signal you and you have 15 seconds to respond to its question. The Sports-App will give you several options to choose from and then you make your selection and press the enter button and wait for the results. The excitement and anticipation is incredible as you wait for the results as the game play resumes. Was I right or did I blow it? It keeps you glued to game like never before.

A correct choice gives you earned credits. Earned credits qualify you for many rewards that are offered by the company. As your credits accumulate from game to game, from sporting event to sporting event throughout the years, you become higher and higher and higher in the Sports-App standings which qualifies you for even bigger and better rewards  This is incredible because the Sports-App will be available worldwide. So Players from Singapore to Osaka to London to the USA and so on can earn incredible items. The first two sports that will be offered this fall are Football and Soccer. As time goes on more and more sports will be available on the app.  

Who design the Sports-App? 

United Games has recruited one of the best game designers in the business to create this new state of the art interactive Sports-App. He is Mark Mongie, a senior designer that created some world class games in the past for “EA Sports”. He was the senior designer that designed Madden NFL, NCAA Football and NASCAR Thunder, three incredible world class games. He set the standard for the rest of the market. 

There are only 2 ways to become part of this world class company. Become a Player or become an Affiliate.  

A Player has one singular job. that is to play the game, enjoy their self and encourage others to download the FREE app that actually plays for FREE. To enter an event with the app requires Tokens. Tokens can be earned daily. In fact you can earn up to 5 Tokens a day by looking at a few 1 minute or 2 minute commercial ads found in the app. Since you can earn Tokens from the app, play therefor is free. But, you also have an option to buy Tokens if you desire.

Incidentally, the Player has an option to upgrade to an Affiliate whenever you chose.  Now lets think. You can enter the company for free, capture a high level location on the commission hierarchy  and then become an Affiliate whenever you desire for FREE.  Not bad!

The Affiliate is tasked to do the same thing as a Player with just a few differences. Affiliates can recruit new Players and new Affiliates into the company.  They are also eligible for commissions. 

One last note, this opportunity can be easily enjoyed regardless of other MLM commentments. In fact you can have "game parties" for new prospective members in your other MLM.

Visit my YouTube site at For more information through videos there.  

Next, email me and tell me if you wish to be a Player (cost is Free) or an Affiliate (cost is $29.99 onetime set up fee and then a $9.99 monthly participation fee). Of course it would be reasonable that the monthly fee would be covered by your commissions earned.


This article was published on 16.07.2016 by Mike Smith
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