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I have been in networking for over 20 year, i have been in many programs over the years where i have made money and some where i have lost, it is good to say that i have made more than i have lost. Over the past year i have been sitting on the side line with people sending me different opportunities  almost every week. I did not budge because i was tired of being tired with these pie in the sky programs with no solid backing and  many me to products. My sponsor called me and asked me if he gave me a $200 vip gift card, would i listen to a call. I told him that i  would listen but told him it does not mean that i will sign up because i was tired of all the CRAP ( worthless programs)  being pushed out almost weekly. I listen to the call and was impressed with the Management, The product, Show me a program where you are giving away a $200 vip gift card with no strings attached and it works, i know because i have use the card for hotel stay and have save plus made money. What really got me excited was the compensation plan like no other with a lot of spill over because of the 2 X 20. I signed up the same night and i am glad that i did. All i can tell anyone is to get in now and position yourself for a great ride that will be around for a long time. There are about 2500 reps now and growing rapidly with about 300 in the legacy tree (profit sharing)  timing could not be better. Listed below are some of the reasons i like about the company and i get fast starts paid on the 1st and 15th of the month.

1    Product Driven: Giving away $200 gift cards, getting paid and watching the smiles and hugs

2.   2x 20 shared social network compensation plan, a lot of spill-over, helping your down-line

3.  2x20 company matrix, only in USA now, will go global the first quarter of this year, get your spot and share the company's profits , know as the Legacy Tree, only two gold or platinum will qualify your position

4   3 level fast start bonus, $75 1st, $50 2nd and $25 if platinum, 2 level gold, $751st, $50 or $25 2nd and silver           $25 and $25

5    Management, the dream team: Mark Seyforth, Ceo and founder (herbalife ), a trendsetter in mlm and  the         first in creating muti-level compensation plans,     Ed Dovner, founder and serial entrepreneur and inventor with world-wide patents including the modern bullet proof vest  , Matt Landau, president and attorney with over 20 years of representing businesses and Greg House, chief technical officer, seen on cnn ,msnbc  many tv appearences , also worked for the government to prevent hacking

For more details about the program, go to www.goodlifegoteam.com   and watch the videos then  join us as a IBO, go to https://goodlifeusa.com/keywest

Timing Could Not Be Better, Ask Me! Will be open up in many other countries the first quarter of this year, Canada, Bahamas. Brazil, Philippine and a few others, get on board for the ride.

This article was published on 09.01.2017 by Tony Bullock
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