3 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire in SOUTH AFRICA in 12 Months with Profits4Us.


You CAN become a millionaire in SOUTH AFRICA within 12 months, with MY help:

1. Join our Community Assist Program (C.A.P.) as a Customer with a R50 monthly subscription plus R50 once-off registration fee. (Initial fee includes R65 postage & packaging for your Diamond MasterCard debit card into which all your commissions are paid).

Total initial fee: R165. Thereafter, R50 pm as a Profits4Us Salesperson.

2. Sign up just 10 associates – one person at a time, with my help.....no more! – at R50 pm each and become a Salesperson.  All you have to do is bring interested people to our CEO and he will do the presenting and the selling for you on a webinar or in a face-to-face presentation. You will still earn your full commissions! If you bring us 10 Customers in month 1 you will break even and get immediately into profit. You will earn a 25% Quick Start Bonus on all your first month signups instead of 10% and you will never have to pay your subscription from your pocket again.

3. Help your 10 Team members to introduce 10 friends each, once again with MY help. (They can also bring them to my webinars and presentations, which our CEO will be giving on a regular basis). At this point you will have 110 people in your Team and you will be earning R550 pm in commissions.

At this level, you will get promoted automatically to Area Manager in your personal Profits4Us business platform. When the people in your Sales Team get promoted, your commissions will double with every promotion, because that is how Profits4Us is structured!

• When everyone in your 5-tier Sales Team has each introduced 10 people at Salesperson (R50 pm) level, you will be a millionaire! And you can do it in 5-10 months.   

• Don’t be afraid to give it a try! We have made achieving success in Profits4Us as inexpensive and as easy to do as possible. We want everyone to be able to do it and afford it.

• Here is the formula we use to work out your commissions:

No. of subscribers x monthly subscriptions x 10% commission x 5 tiers = Monthly Income

• R50 is small money and 10 people is a small number. (Statistically, everyone has 13-27 close contacts. Speak to 20 and 10 are sure to sign up). You must be able to afford R50 and you must know 10 people who want to improve their lives.

You have nothing to lose by trying, and a lot to gain.

Everyone can afford R50, and everyone knows more than 10 people who:

a) have R50,

b) who want to make more money and

c) who know 10 people with R50 who want to make more money and who know 10 people.

• But if you do nothing, you will get nothing! Do SOMETHING and you will get a LOT!

• We will work with you to ensure your success!

• This is an offer you can’t refuse!

If you think about it, there are only 2 ways you can fail in Profits4Us:

1. Don’t join.

2. Join, do nothing, then quit.

Go to http://bit.ly/VJD7IT and click on “Click Here to Join” to register.

Choose the highest status level you can afford and click on the picture to read the registration instructions. I have joined at Sales Manager level at R200 per month (R315 in total first month)

Remember, sign up 10 people at the same level as you to cover your cost.

The very next person who signs up under you or your Team members puts you in PROFIT!

Email me at pcextracash@gmail.com

Add me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marilynjones4070

This article was published on 04.07.2016 by Marilyn Jones
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