Are You Promoting Your MLM Business with Mass Desire? (Biz Series, Episode 3)

Today I begin to define mass desire and “How to Leverage Your Products for Sale?”

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Mass desire quite simply is the public spread of what individuals or small groups of people desire. It is the moment when the spread of what individuals or small groups of people desire is shared by a statistically significant number of people. This market may consist of a desire share by only a few thousand people, e.g. the urge to own fine antiques. It may be shared by millions of people, e.g. the desire to lose weight.

We write our Business Announcements to individuals, and yet the success of our advertising depends on thousands, or even millions of these individuals sharing the same response to these Business Announcements. The response to want our product enough to pay us the price we ask for it. Before these individuals can share this buy response, they must share the desire upon which our Business Announcements is based.

Mass desires shared by millions of people take years to develop. Mass desires are created by social, economic and technological forces greater than a Business Announcement itself can command. Advertising your business simply exploits the already existing mass desire. If it tries to create this mass desire, it is no longer advertising. It is education. Therefore, an entrepreneur or small business owner’s first job is to detect the mass desires, inventory them, and chart their force and direction. The entrepreneur or small business owner’s second job is to harness his/her products on the back of mass desires of the thousands potentially millions of customers.

Entrepreneur or small business owner’s use three distinct tools to channel mass desire onto their products:

1) His/her own knowledge of people’s hopes, dreams, desires and emotions;

2) The functions of the products or services; and

3) The advertising message, which connects the two.

Good advertising and marketing pry your locked consciousness via thought-provoking concepts in writing Business Announcements.

I will start next Saturday to consider each of these tools by ‘choosing the most powerful desire that can possibly be applied to your product or service.’

In the meantime, take a pencil and pad to write down what powerful desires can be possibly applied to your product or service to compare in the next lesson. The powerful desires that you identify should be directly related to phrases in your lead generation for your business.

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It’s choice, not chance that determines your destiny!

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This article was published on 10.05.2021 by Todd Mann
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