I'm looking for a partner who currently is involved with a solid MLM company that is at least 4 to 5 years old and cost less then $100 start up and less then $100 monthly commitment.  

I am in the process of putting the final touches to a system that will revolutionize recruiting.  This system should be completed by mid-September but I still need one final company I would like to endorse for this system.

If your company meets what was said in paragraph 1 and can meet the following 8 requirements -- then we need to talk!

Here are the eight requirements I have encompassed that a company must possess in order for me to endorse them into this "System" and even think about touching it:

1) They must have an exciting, powerful pay plan with a great residual income that builds quickly and pays out the lion's share of the commission to those just starting out and not just the majority of the money filtering its way to "the top".

2) They must have a product that has mass appeal, where people all over the world will actually want and use, and are currently using.

3) The company and their product must be highly affordable to everyone (even those on welfare) but the commissions must still be large. (That's a tough one!)

4) They must have a solid, proven track record. 97% of start-up companies don't make it through their first year! Trust me on that one... I've been through the ringer with start-up companies. It hurt me tremendously a couple years back and I won't touch another start-up company.

5) They must present a ground floor opportunity. Another challenge -- they have to be past the growing pains, but still in the "baby stages". Finding a company that has worked out the kinks, and are on the brink of and poised for rapid momentum is key.

6) They must be debt free with solid financial growth. Working for a company with debt of any kind is bad news. If they have debt, they aren't making enough money, which means the sales are not where they should be.

7) They must be international and expanding into further countries. A broader demographic and geographical market is key for rapid growth.

8) Communication and support. The company must provide the tools to keep everybody in the loop. There must be contact info where a 'human' actually answers the phone. Having conference calls on a regular basis is also a PLUS!

So, if this sounds like your company and you are the first to contact me prior to 9/15/16 there is a good chance you, your company, and all of your downline can become Associates in "The Success System That Will NOT Fail"...

This article was published on 06.09.2016 by Richard Backstrom
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