It's Your Data, You Should Get paid for it by Tapestry

Have you heard about Tapestri yet?

Tapestri is a free app that is about to be released initially in US, both for IOS and Android, that will let you earn money in a monthly basis just by downloading it, installing it, and allowing it to run in the background.

We all know that every single webpage, not only the big ones like Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc, collect our data for their own benefit and to sell it to third party organizations to target us with their products and services.

Can you imagine if you could empower yourself but owning your own data and monetize it the way you want?

Tapestri will help you monetize your own data in the following way:

  • If you download and install the app Tapestri will give you between US$1.00 to US$25.00 each month to monetized your data. Initially, the app will only we release in US, Canada, UK and possibly AUS, and NZ.

  • If you share the app with some friends and family, or whoever you can, Tapestri will give you US1.00 per person per month. So if you share the app with 20 persons, you can pocket $US20.00 per month forever. 

But things get even better:

  • Finally, you canjoin Tapestri as an affiliate and be part of my team. To be an affiliate, you do not have to reside in any of the countries where the app is about to be released. 

    Tapestri Affiliate Program goes for US$9.95 per month, however due prelaunch Tapestri have waived the monthly membership and is signing up FOUNDING MEMBERS for only US9.95 for the whole first year!!!

  • These are the benefits of being an affiliate:
  1. You earn US$ 1.00 to US$25.00 per month on your data.
  2. You earn US$ 1.00 for every referral per month, even if they do not join as affiliates!!!! (share the app with your uber!! walmart cashier, etc)
  3. You earn US$ 1.00 per month for every person who is under your downline 2nd generation
  4. You earn 50% matching bonus monthly on all affiliates 1st and 2nd tier.
  5. All orphan members (the ones who signed up with out an upline ) will join a pool and be shared among all affiliate!!!

    Join my team before Tapestri upcoming Launch. We got a very supportive team, and also an awesome community of 500 members of a comment boost group on FB so you can get free traffic from your Facebook profile.

    and there is much more.
    Join me at Tapestry now.


ps: Tapestri launch is happening in a about a week time. Once the app launches normal monthly membership of us$9.95 will apply. (still an amazing offer though!!!!

This article was published on 26.07.2021 by Francisco 10K
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TAPESTRI - Mobile App Data, Free to join

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