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Why you should really REALLY go to your company events

Basically this whole article idea is based on the book called THINK AND GROW RICH- by Napolean Hill

You see what this book basically says on the whole , that thinking a lot about your goal or target will eventually lead you to the goal! It’s an amazing suggestion that helps in network marketing (namely goal setting) and your company likely does not only this but several other things!

Another important thing that was in the book, was something called auto suggestion- basically repeating something over and over until you are so totally engrained to the idea or concept that your whole body wants to do it and believes it to the max!

Now going to your company events generally helps with this for a number of colourful reasons

Number one: they tell you all the stuff that’s happening with the company in terms of promotions and new ideas(if they’re having any) which helps you stay in the loop and very well might motivate you to go out and SHOW MORE PEOPLE as most companies say. This is usually a good thing for people who aren’t self motivated and sometimes need a little push in order to get going!

So if you need a push and you’re maybe slacking a little in your company and you think you should be doing better or making more money then GET YOURSELF TO THE NEXT EVENT!

Number two: you see the examples of what to do! So there are always success stories that pop up unless your company is brand new…

So these are the guys who have done it and go the tshirt- so you might as well copy what they do- why you might ask-because SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!

All through history there is always patterns to success so all you have to do is listen to them and work very hard and follow what they do in terms of the techniques used, then at some stage in the future you will be successful too!

There are a few more things you need to do , but that will be in the future… so stay tuned and you’ll find out what you need in order to succeed and why you should go to your corporate events!

Until then- show more people and keep it real and one day you can join my company and one day travel the world together!

This article was published on 03.03.2016 by Yadav Timmal
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