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First I want to introduce myself.... I am Mike Gurrera from coastal North Carolina. I have been a business owner & have worked for fortune 100 companies in upper management. I have left Corp American to start living my life instead of working to live my life. My passion is life on the water (salt Life)!as one successful group has put it. I have a reantal business on the beach, renting jetskis, boats, & parasailing. So one would say I am a outdoor watersports junkie. Even when I am not working ( which is not offen) you will find me either surfing or on my boat. So that is really what has brought me to this site, ready to really move my life to the next level. You see I tend to pour every once of energy in my work. So now that my work is my passion I am never with my family. Now this was the reason I left my corp position. I have to get to that full balanced life; this was the statement my personal trainer had told me several years ago!! Yes it took me a few years to have that sink in. Well Dustin (my trainer)  took off to Cailf &  left me without a trainer. But that's where this goes in Dustin went on to help this company called Prüvit 

I just got involved with Privet after taking the Ketos product for the last 6-7 months. It's still in the ground floor which is amazingly a great time to get involved. So if you are passionate about making a better life for yourself while making others feel great & helping them reach their personal goals then this maybe the one time your timing is right on point. We have all been at that point in our life where we say if I had only done this or that. Don't let this be another one of those moments; change your direction & help the ones around you do the same . 

I am moving towards my better life, my time to be able to have that freedom to spend quality family time & with the feeling of helping others get to that better life state of mind. My goal is to build a community with thousands of individuals wanting those same benefits. A community of relaxed, healthy, motivated individuals with financial freedom. So if that's you check out the link below & contact me & PRÜVIT!!!!!!

This article was published on 24.11.2016 by Mike Gurrera
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