A benefit you can't go without! Unlimited Legal Advice and Representation 24/7

I have only been doing this business for a month and am very intrigued and impressed with this service. I have used my law firm 4 different times so far for advice and direction. I recently sent in an employment contract to do some side work for a company and an attorney called at 8pm at night to review it with me and share with me the properness of the contract and shared where my best interests and/or our best interests were not covered properly and there was no extra charge for the after hour call and she spent 20 mins on the phone with me. 

I had heard about LegalShield probably twice already in my life and although I always knew the product was grand, I did not have the capital to ever invest in the company itself and provide the product to others. This time when I was approached I did have the extra and jumped on board. Now, I have not recruited a bunch of associates, which of course I need and I only have a few customers, but I am not financially fit enough to put in the time needed to be flying away with it. But I am using the product/service and can't express how impressed I am with my firm and the attention they give me, as if I am their most important client and that is due to the way that Legalshield has created the relationships with the firms across the country and in 4 provinces in Canada. I have heard stories of many associates not in sales, marketing etc. and becoming a client first and then using the service started telling others about their experiences and referring them to who they signed up with and realized the money they were watching walk by... That I do think is the best way to get into this business. Get the service, start using it and talking about it to others, get your pipeline going with just your own stories, then when you have a good amount of people so intrigued and bugging you about how you get that benefit, you can sign up as an associate and sign them all up and be on the fast track to a 6 figure income. :-) 

All it takes to get going with the benefit is to take 10 minutes and go here and click on either learn more about the service or "Buy Now" and get your member # and firm information and you are on your way to the feeling of freedom and control. Imagine,, your own law firm on retainer for less than $20 a month. Can't beat that for anything and it is our mission to be able to provide affordable legal representation to everyone and our CEO is continually trying to expand our reach, like I said previously, we are anywhere in the US and now in 4 provinces in Canada. 

If you are interested in possibly being an associate, have an excellent team already of networkers that will follow you into any program or situation, then check out the video here then you can go to the same link above to sign up to sell the product. Its the only company I know that gives you the opportunity to get advance commissions on your sales if you qualify and then the residual percentages are fabulous. I mean, I know none of you know me, I barely know me half the time, lol... but I believe in truth, integrity and dedication and this company is one that offers all three. Plus, as you are building one leg in your business your upline is working to build others for you to stay on a good foundation and then the corporate site also markets and advertises and when a person goes there, it is an auto rotate scenario as to who they send the lead to. You will have a very large team working for and with you to make you succeed. Get in now, the timing is right, we are having a big rush of customers and associates, either way you can't loose. See ya on the other side!

This article was published on 14.04.2016 by Kristie Robbins
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