Your Online Business Journey begins HERE!

Where is "HERE" and how does it relate to your situation in growing your business. If you feel that your business doesn't need any more growth (ie more leads, new customers, etc.), then keeping your MLMGateway account will have no benefit for you. With that being said, let's move on.

This article will best benefit someone that is new and still learning about starting a business online, whether it is Network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, etc. You see the typical person that is getting started with doing business online would do so with little to no money to put into it, they would read a lot of articles from "experts" and self proclaimed "gurus", so with that being said I would like to offer 2 online business opportunities that is suited very well for people just getting started in this realm of marketing online business opportunities with no up front costs or investment to get started.

The first business opportunity is called besteasywork and it was put together by a man named Martin Ruiz. Getting started with this opportunity is really simple. Just sign up with some basic information and he will put together a website for you to promote either online or offline anywhere that you choose to do so. Here is the ad copy for my site at besteasywork:

"Get paid BIG $$$ by giving away FREE websites. No selling or purchase required to get started.".

The second opportunity I have is called The Survey Payment Club. Here is the ad copy explaining how it works:

How Does The Survey Payment Club work?

1. Register/Sign up at the form on the website (this information will be used to create your customized survey)

2. Sign up for PayPal (make sure your PayPal email matches your registration email). If you currently have a PayPal account skip this step. You can sign up for PayPal by going to

3. Retrieve your customized survey link from me (it takes up to 24 hours)

4. Promote your survey link to everyone in the UNITED STATES through whatever online (or offline) platform that you choose. If you choose to promote your survey link offline (flyers, poster board ads, etc.), it is recommended that you use a customized recognizable link (ie. You can set this up by purchasing your link through (it is the one that I use) and follow their instructions.

5. Get paid $1 (to your PayPal account) for every survey submitted with the redemption of the $50 gift reward. They MUST redeem the gift reward to get credit for the survey. There is NO LIMIT as to how many surveys you can get paid for. After every 25 surveys, you will get paid an additional $.25 for each survey that is submitted (up to $5.00 per survey). All payments for these survey submissions will be done once a week every FRIDAY via PayPal. Additional Commissions are paid from Surveys Submitted that results in a sign up of a Legal and/or Identity theft protection membership with the following commission:

$20 for a Legal Services membership (family or individual)
$10 for a Identity theft Individual membership
$20 for a Identity theft family membership

All membership commission payments will be paid 7 days from the date that they signed up. This is to allow the time necessary for the membership(s) to get processed. Please email Robert McKnight at for any questions about this program that is not covered here.

So in closing, whichever opportunity you decide to take advantage of, please keep in mind that there is going to be work involved. To get any serious results, it will take a commitment of at least an hour a day of serious online networking effort. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Take care and stay safe.

Robert McKnight

This article was published on 01.06.2020 by Robert Mcknight
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The Survey Payment Club - Survey Submission, Free to join

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