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Motor Club of America - the BEST Work at home Opportunity

You've already heard about it.......Now is the time to take action.

Motor Club of America is the Best work at home Opportunity.

It only cost $19.95 to be a affiliate and you earn $80 per paid referral

 you bring in.  There are people in our group that is earning $200 - $3,000

 a week....working from is a no brainer.....come join me.

I'll male it easier for you.......all you have to do is join this one great program that

 makes recruiting easy....Join the program and then all you have to do is cut and

 paste and post the pre-written ads to all the free websites like facebook, instagram,

 linked-in and other free ad spaces and when someone join make money.

There is something that you need to do if you are not a resident of Oklahoma.

 You have to have a business license to sell insurance.  But it is easy...

 When you get you TVC page.  You need to go to the FAQ and look for the

the licensing application.  It is in the FAQ and it will show you the state and

how to send it by fax. 

No matter if you are a resident of OKLAHOMA or still need to call

 1-800-227-6459. to tell them you are already a member and give them your ID number.

 That is very important....... after you sign up for the first program and you have your

 ID number for the Still need to call the same number....they need to know

 that you are serious about you can get paid....there are many people

 who are not serious about making money and they just don't want to do

 anything else......are you like them?

It takes about a week or two to get your license to sell insurance .......while

 you are can start recruiting......when you go to the page where you

 sign up for the FIRST program.....look for the PRE-WRITTEN ads and enter your

 referral link and COPY and PASTE and POST.

 If you have any question, come back to me and I will answer you.

 Are you ready?

Yes, sign me up

I will show you many images that you can use to get recruit.

 Here is a sample........don't click on is just to show you what kind of

 picture you can include in your posting...

So, are you ready to earn some good money?  Go and look for the fingers

 pointing at the YES, SIGN ME UP and sign up for the first program.

This article was published on 23.10.2017 by Rafael Cruz
Author's business opportunity:

MCA-Motor Club of America - motor insurance, 19.95 USD to join

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