Zarfund Investment Explained

Zarfund is an online peer to peer (people to people) investment platform. Created late August, by Hannes Jordan, a South African, and verified by Bitcoin worldwide and has a very high rating in Websites recommendations Recently it featured in the U.K and New York Newspapers as *"THE BEST INVESTMENT"* and in Nigeria on LindaIkeji's blog! As *a genuine and fast money making investment*.

With just *101,000* members worldwide, we would be the earliest beneficiaries of the huge cash deposits in *Zarfund* Zarfund does not invest in any product or services. *Zarfund* invest on people. Which makes it unique. Zarfund* dose not deal in dollar, pounds or Naira which prices fluctuate. Zarfund deals in Bitcoins which is ever rising in value! 1 bitcoin was worth 653USD (dollars) last month October 2016 which is N340, 000. As of the day of producing this document, 8/11/2016 1btc = 707USD = N382309.2 . it is still growing.

*NOTE: You MUST register under a group or team! So you need a referral link of someone you know is already in the system like our group!* Do NOT REGISTER DIRECTLY FROM THE SITE! ELSE YOU WILL WORK ALONE and TOIL!

So contact me (Chidi):  +23407061989872  (if u follow d group link it can lead you elsewhere)

Also contact me for how to open and fund your Blockchain wallet. We  Put your money In your wallet and you can withdraw it ANYTIME ANY MINUTE! You don't need anybody confirming you! But my advice? Don't be in a hurry to get all and leave! See it as an investment for a few months because there is more as you grow! So why take little and go? and your upgrade bonuses are huge too!

we need to Make sure you open your Blockchain account and fund it first! Before getting your referral link to open Zarfund! Because to become a full member, you only need 24hours to upgrade!


  Firstly, you only need 2people, if you have more, you don't need it! But your downlines do! So give it to them! So you both can grow fast!

Secondly, you need N13, 000 at the start to get your 0.032BTC (Bitcoins) [the Price of 0.031BTC in naira vary depending on the current rate. It might be higher or less. Everyone starts with the same amount! After that, you don't put anymore!

Thirdly, upgrade as soon as soon as you have enough amount to do so! Don't wait for the full amount, it would be paid! If not your down-line might upgrade and you lose!* LEVELS IN ZARFUND When you register with the statutory 0.03 Bitcoin = 13k, you pay it to your up-line (or referral) and u upgrade to become a full member

LEVEL 1: The 2 new People under you will pay you 0.03 Bitcoin each to be a full member too! That's 0.06 Bitcoin for you! From Your received = 0.06btc you pay you second up line (as Assigned Automatically by the system) 0.05btc to upgrade to level 2. Now, you have 0.01btc as your profit for level 1 {0.06-0.05}

LEVEL 2: in your Level 2, you receive 0.05btc from Four (4) People in your level two down brought by your two down lines. 0.05 x 4 = 0.2btc. Then, from your 0.2btc, you pay your 3rd Up-line (as Assigned Automatically by the system) 0.1btc to upgrade to level 3. Here you have 0.1btc left.

LEVEL 3: in your Level 3, you receive 0.1btc from Eight (8) People in your level Three Down. 0.1 x 8 = 0.8btc. Then, from your 0.8btc, you pay your 4th Up-line (as Assigned Automatically by the system) 0.2btc to upgrade to level 4. Here you have 0.6btc left.

LEVEL 4: in your Level 4, you receive 0.2btc from Eight (16) People in your level Four Down. 0.2 x 16 = 3.2btc. Then, from your 3.2btc, you pay your 5th Up-line (as Assigned Automatically by the system) 1btc to upgrade to level 5. Here you have 2.2btc left.

LEVEL 5: in your Level 5, you receive 1btc from Eight (32) People in your level Five Down. 1 x 32 = 32btc. Then, from your 32btc, you pay your 6th Up-line (as Assigned Automatically by the system) 2btc to upgrade to level 6. Here you have 30btc left.

LEVEL 6: in your Level 6, you receive 2btc from Eight (64) People in your level 6ive Down. 2 x 64 = 128btc. The Matrix Ends here.


Level 1 = 2 x 0.03btc = 0.06 = N23, 000. You Donate 0.05  = N19, 170 Remaining 0.01 = N3830

Level 2 =  4 x 0.05btc = 0.2 = 76, 680. You Donate 0.1 = N38, 340 Remaining 0.1 =N 38, 340

Level 3 = 8 x 0.1btc = 0.8btc = N306, 720. You Donate 0.2btc = N76, 680 Remaining 0.6btc = N230, 040

Level 4 = 16 x 0.2btc = 3.2btc = N1, 226, 880 You Donate 1 btc = N383,400 Remaining 2.2btc = N843, 480

Level 5 = 32 x 1btc = 32btc = N12, 268, 800 You Donate 2btc = N766, 800 Remaining 30btc = N11, 502, 000

Level 6 = 64 x 2btc = 128btc = 49, 075, 200 = 128btc

Total no of Down-line = 126

Total Bitcoin Earning = 161btc 

Total Dollar Earning = 113827USD

Total Naira Earning = N61, 692, 890 (Sixty One Million, Six Hundred and Ninety two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety Naira)

We work as a Team. In our team each get Two to Five Down lines per week and it goes as spillovers to those that are not able to get Down-lines. So there is no reason to be afraid of not having down lines. This is just the general overview of how this business works.

Call: 07061989872


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