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Hi MLM Gateway Members,

My name is Frank Andres and I produce prospecting and lead generation software for Network Marketers.   

As we all know generating new leads and prospects is the only way to a successful Network Marketing business.  4 years ago I was really struggling and could not seem to get any traction.  

Each day I was under so much pressure to close the tiny amount of daily leads I would make.  With that pressure comes a total melt down of how this business is supposed to work.  I was never able to just relax and treat each conversation as a social one. 

I knew that relationship building was the most important aspect but I needed far more leads everyday in order to be able to do that.

So finally I decided to look into getting some software built that could help me with that process.  The first one I had created was designed to help me find emails of people in any business I chose.  Then I could email them introducing myself and offer them something of value to gain an introduction.

That worked so well that next I had a similar software designed that would do the same thing for Skype.  Find and message skype users that were interested in the same business as myself.

By the time I had my Facebook Poster built I was generating more leads per day than I could speak to in an entire week.  Very, very good situation to be in :)

However I soon realized that most of the people I spoke to were more interested in my software than my opportunity!

So what I did was offer them the software at my cost to help build relationships.  This provided me with the amazing opportunity to get to know and help people.  Know longer was there any issue generating repor.  I was now in the unique position to help them with their marketing.

This return many benefits that I did not know at the time.

1.  I was able to show people how much I cared about them

2.  I was able to show them I was a good coach

3.  I was able to prove that I knew how to market my business

Very shortly I began to reap the benefits of this as people began asking to join me.  No more begging for opportunities to show my business.  People actually asking for the sign up link without even know what is was.  How crazy is that.  From begging people to join to them chasing me.  Seriously strange twist of fate.

So I finally started making a full time income when the company decided to sell out to a company that I absolutely had zero respect for :(

I went from financially golden to almost bankrupt in 90 days.

Luckly I still had my software and a light went on in my head.  Why not start selling it for profit!

And that is what I did.  Now fast forward 4 yrs and I have 47 products.  And I want to give back a little, so I am taking one of my top selling products over the last 4 yrs and giving it away FREE!  Not only that but I am giving you the rights to give it away free too!

Here my special offer...

I'd like to offer you a copy of my best selling soffware Social Spy! FREE!!!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

email -

skype - frank.andres3

This article was published on 08.05.2016 by Frank Andres
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