KaCh Enterprises is a Multiple online services and income opportunities

KaCh Enterprises is a multiple online service and income opportunity with MLM, Advertising and downline builder brought by trusted owners.

This radical new program is designed to get EVERYONE that joins earning as quickly as possible. It practically “forces” it!

KaChEnt is developing a network marketing opportunity designed to be promoted both online and offline.

Over time we will expand the range of products, services and online sites enabling members to earn commissions.  
Affiliates may enjoy the benefit of a residual income from their downline. 
For the month of July only, new members will have their first 6 months membership for FREE. 

Only a single payment of $15 (Bitcoin equivalent) upgrades you to full Business Partner and activates you to receive all network commissions for the next 6 months.

The 6 months starts from time of registration, NOT activation, so upgrade immediately to avoid missed commissions, and to take advantage of the full 6 months.

KaCh Kanvas is our new PTC (Paid to Click) site. 

PTC (Paid to Click) sites have long been recognized as an effective way of increasing traffic to your websites, as well as providing a simple, though obviously not very interesting, way for people to start earning small amounts of money online through regular activity.

In addition you can generally increase your earnings and gain some “passive” income by referring other people to a PTC program. The commissions paid in most programs are only on any purchases those referrals make, in terms of advertising credits or upgraded membership.

Here at KaCh Enterprises we have attempted to “liven up” the PTC genre with our new site. As the income from this site is treated like all our other sites, some of the benefits are obvious, and considerably greater than those given by traditional PTC sites.

• Get paid down 5-8 levels.

• Get paid on your referrals purchases AND their clicking! (as they earn, you earn… refer loads of people and as you start earning on their clicking, maybe you don’t have to click anymore?)

• Receive spillover… some referrals may be placed under you in a matrix, and you earn fully off everyone in your matrix, whether referred personally by you or not.

• Your clicking activity gradually reveals a reduced image of a high definition wallpaper. When you have completely revealed the image you can view it fullsize and save it to your computer.

• Choose the genre of image you would like to reveal.

• Earnings are shown in USD but converted to Bitcoin (BTC) at the time of claim.

• Use your earnings to “upgrade” and become a full Business Partner in the KaCh Enterprises opportunity, or upgrade immediately and start earning at 10x the rate on the PTC, as well as qualifying for all the other commissions from our other sites. (members that are already BPs obviously earn at the increased rate)

• Your PTC referrals may go on to use our other sites (see below) and you will receive commissions on their activity there, whether you personally use them or not.

Two things are ESSENTIAL to help us make this a success for you and for us.

1. There needs to be enough adverts and KaCh Kredits in the system for people to be able to view. Please, if you have not done so already, go to the KaCh Kanvas site, log in, and go to the My Kanvas Ads page to insert the urls that you would like advertised. And remember to check regularly the credits against each of your ads, and top as and when required.

2. Promote the site directly! The kind of person that is generally interested in earning from PTC is probably not interested in the full MLM program offered byKaCh Enterprises….. YET! So there is no point in sending them to the main site and Opportunity video. Send them to your referral link on KaCh Kanvas(https://kanvas.kachent.com?refid=xxxxxx). The Promotion/Links And Banners page on the site gives full details of your link and a banner you can use. More promotion options will follow, including social media posts and landing/splash pages, as there are for the main site. Remember I said they won’t be interested in the MLM…..YET? If they join through KaCh Kanvas they obviously go into the same company wide matrix, can receive spillover, once upgraded to BP will earn on all the other activities of the group etc. They WILL be part of the MLM without necessarily knowing it…. until they start noticing money coming in mysteriously from somewhere!

Group Websites 

KaCh Khimera – url rotators

The purpose of url rotators is to allow you to promote multiple sites online using a single url. This is an effective time saving device and saves wasting credits on traffic exchanges and other advertising sites where your url is delivered to the same person repeatedly in a short space of time.

KaCh Kloner – viral ad page

The concept of this viral advertising site is that when your downline members promote KaChEnt and their other opportunities, using their referral link from klone.kachent.com, they also promote your opportunity. As your KaChEnt downline grows, thousands of people that you don’t even know, will be promoting your business.

KaCh Kommentary – shared blogs

This is a shared WordPress blog site, which you can use as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with your advertising on all the other KaChEnt sites. Your blog ranking will benefit from the high level of traffic across all the KaChEnt sites which share the kachent.com domain. In addition, because it is a shared blog site, your blogs will be seen by people following other blogs on the site, and they may become your followers too.

KaCh Konstructor – downline builder

If you use your referral link from konstructor.kachent.com to promote KaChEnt, you are also promoting your referral links for all the other businesses included in the downline builder. The same applies to all your downline members. If they are not a member of any of the core opportunities, then the downline builder uses the appropriate referral link of the first upline member, in ascending order, that IS a member of that opportunity. That could be you!


A Single Membership Provides Access To ALL Current and Future Sites


This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Smriti Songkar Chakma
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