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The LiveGood opportunity

With LiveGood you can earn up to $2000 monthly without recruiting anyone but you must remember there are two ways to earn, the slow way and the fast way..

If you want to earn up to $16k a month, you must build a team. If you are not good with team building you just pay your $10 every month and monitor as your matrix fills up slowly but surely.

It may take 6months or a year or even 2 years but lets do the math at 2 years and see. 2years is 24months right and you pay $240 in those 2years and then the moment your matrix is filled you begin to earn $2047 each and every month.

If you manage to bring in 2 friends then thats a different story, you will be earning $4000.

With the way LIVEGOOD is growing at the moment 2years that we calculated at is a very long time.

Your $10 per month could change your life.

This is a first ️ LiveGood is saying you are not forced to sell anything or recruit anyone. Just help us market the brand and earn Big

Take a step closer to your dream life with LiveGood

So i have been making $50 or more daily by simply sending out information on this amazing company and getting people to come into the business. To join in you need $50 and the best part is you earn your $50 back just by bringing in 2people to this amazing product based company.

What makes it even better is the fact that after recruiting those people you will earn 50% of whatever they earn every month. How cool is that?


1. Weekly fast start commissions (50% direct referral bonus).

2. Matrix commissions (up to $16000 from the 2 × 15 matrix system).

3. Matching bonus (50% of your direct referrals’ matrix commissions).

4. Retail commissions (from product sales).

5. Influencer bonus from large scale product sales.

6. Diamond bonus pool (2% of the company’s total sales every month)

This article was published on 14.04.2023 by Patience Shumba
Author's business opportunity:

Livegood - Health, 50 USD to join
You join with $50 and mantain your account with $10 monthly. Earn up to $2047 monthly without recruiting anyone on a filled matrix. Earn more than $10000 as a diamond rank. Company is Global so wherever you are you can join. START TODAY

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