Global Launch - No parties, products, auto-ships or monthly targets

No products, no parties, no autoships or monthly targets, get paid for something you are going to do anyway!

Something amazing is about to launch globally (Australia, NZ, Philippines, China, Japan, Manila, France, Germany, UAE, India and many more) within the next 4 weeks.

This brilliant business is going to give you the ability to earn 20% cash back on your shopping. This means you will earn cash back on:




Take away food




And much more!!!

Now the really exciting part is this is a ground floor opportunity in a business that makes sense. People love cash back and are going to be jumping on in droves. At present we have just over 60 people in Australia that have become members, they are earning residual income and creating HUGE teams!! As a business builder you will not only will you earn 20% back each month for your shopping (paid in cash to your EWallet which means you can simply transfer to your bank account, kinda like PayPal) you could also start earning from $5 up to a WHOPPING $5000 a day (A DAY) when you create your team. 

ITS GOING TO BE A HUGE RIDE!! This company is launching globally this means we have the ability to recruit anywhere in the world and I will teach you how using the power of social media and also other programs I have found along the way.

Of course this is a membership, this is a business so this means that it is going to take some $$ and your time (and mine) however if you have ever been in network marketing or direct sales/party plan you will understand that this is a ground floor opportunity and the golden road is endless. If you have hours to share and to put into this you will do VERY well. 

Alright so you know that with any business there are costs involved. It is $125 USD per month for your membership, keep in mind though if you are spending $200 a week just on groceries alone you will basically get your money back and more. Work it out like this –

$300 a week means you will earn back $60 a week which equates to $240USD a month. Remember that the $300 can be groceries, petrol, entertainment, coffee, restaurants (you know when I put it like that we spend more than that lol)

Then there is our team building.. When you refer 3 people to save whilst they shop you will then start earning $5 per day. That is $25 a week and an EXTRA $100 a month, it just keeps going up from there. Now I know a lot of people do other party plan and direct sales and that is ok because you can do this alongside it which is amazing.. I am also in the process to find out if we are able to get cash back on our own direct sale products (cheeky I know lol) 

So why on earth is a company paying us money for our receipts? The answer is VERY simple.. Its all about market research. Now when I say this none of the companies will ever receive your personal information. They do not know your name, gender, address, phone number, email address etc They will simply know that you are in Australia and it shows them more accurate data of what we want as people which in turn will allow companies to market to the public with what we want to see. 

This company is about to expand globally.. This is a ground floor opportunity and it makes sense as we shop for food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment, holidays.. you name it we do it!! Follow my link for more information.

This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Jade Gustavsson
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