Headed to 100 million a month. Timing is EVERYTHING.

Why should you come JOIN ME and OUR TEAM? 

If you love to earn money, to build a retirement bank account, to lose weight and to drink coffee. Call me. My phone is listed to my friends. Timing is everything! 

Got a company that in 14 months went from 81,000 to over 3 million in sales. We will be a global company doing 100 million per month just off the four products we have. We don't even need to introduce more products. The Slim Roast weight management coffee is our flagship product. 

IT WORKS like nothing I've seen in 33 years of weight training, bodybuilding advising folks on weight loss, diet, nutrition.

Best part about this coffee is you do not have to diet and you do not have to lose weight. The coffee is providing the body's metabolism with what it needs to correct itself.

My goal is ridiculous to most. $100,000 a WEEK in income in the next 8 years. Many of you can't even see $1,000 a week. That should tell you that you need to get trained up in our industry and retire in the next 8-10 years with US.

The compensation is explosive. With nearly 50% commissions on the front end sale. NO Corporate job sales or commissions J.O.B. pays nearly 50% for a sale. NEVER. Our socialist government owned by the new world order that has both socialist and communist partners is wanting us all to be on hourly wages. They want us part of organized labor. They want us all the same, living the same, and being "broke".

This company is one of the few opportunities I see that can changed lives in both the personal health and wealth areas for families.

Come check us out. We have a company-wide training in Palm Springs, Ca. October.

My mentor achieved the rank of Triple Diamond and has one of the fastest growing groups. Why? Because what WE are teaching is ensuring that people are maximizing profit for their effort and not leaving money on the table. Looking forward to long term new relationships with builders in the MLM industry and even the newbies.

Why? Half our Diamond leadership never made it in MLM before half of 61 new DIAMONDS in just 14-15 months! Never made it before and now are millionaires earning $1500 to $3,000 a week in income, RESIDUAL INCOME!

Lifestyles are changing here at Valentus. Would love to have you call me and get positioned. I am building two massive legs. You can be part of one of them.

Look how evenly matched our legs are ?!! This is only due to the duplication that we are teaching throughout the organization.

New Members this Week | Left Leg 123 | Right Leg 128

so you can see it wouldn't matter which leg you were in my group, the building is SOLID and this is just WEEKLY!

These are new members paying for and joining at the $59, $129, $199 and $499 Pack levels. A Majority of the sales are for the 16 box $499 pack. Today is Wednesday and our week is not done until tomorrow night midnight Thursday night to Thursday night.

So you can see why and how My Triple Diamond Mentor is earning $6,000+ per week in residuals. I share this with you not to boast but to tell you that this is real. My team is exploding! And that we are one of the fastest growing TEAMS in the company.

Mark my words here. If this company does nothing but deliver product and deliver checks you will see people earning in excess of $100,000 a WEEK in income here in the next 3-5 years.

BOOM! Get real with your life. If you are broke it is because for things to change you got to change. For things to get better you got to get better!

I am not saying you will earn what I earn as an income disclaimer. I am not saying that you have the goals I have here at this company. I am saying "WHAT IF?" For you that you decided to come join and get in the line of growth and see who you can bring to the table that

1. wants to lose weight

2. loves coffee and drinking coffee to lose weight (I drink it daily!) and will never stop drinking it as I know that my body requires these ingredients for homeostasis.

3. love to earn an income and residual income and change your lifestyle.

Thank you,
Jason Brown 
Emerald Distributor 

This article was published on 30.06.2016 by Jason Brown
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