Start Moving you Paper Money into Gold Money.

If i gave you a dollar and you gave me four quarters back, nobody lost anything and nobody bought or sold anything. We simply exchanged one medium of money for another. And if you knew beyond a doubt that paper money was depreciating faster than Obama on his way to the gold course when trouble erupts, as every single paper currency ever has, while quarters would maintain their value as Gold has for 5,000 years, what would you do? 

With Russian's economy in free fall, it's time to wake up. As their economy collapses. Russian's have lost half their wealth is the past six months. Does that sound familiar, America? At least 65 percent of children in the U.S. now live in a home that receives assistance from at least one government welfare program. A record 92,447,000 in the United States are not working. The dominoes have started to fall.

The latest numbers that have been released by the US Government itself show that 20 percent of U.S. families live in a household where not a single person had a job. If that's what the US Government and their media puppets call a robust recovering economy, then I'm Goldilocks. Too many of us are like the proverbial frogs in hot water on the stove. The water slowly heats up until it boils and kills us. But we're more interested in TV and video games and sports...

The Current Global Monetary System the US Dollar is now not backed by gold AT ALL. The aging US Dollar System represents more than half of the value of all the world's currency. Central bankers will try to keep the fiat game going. However, when everything they try, fails, they'll once again swing back to Gold and Silver. Don't for a moment think this won't affect you if you live outside of the United States remember 2008? It's a serious RIPPLE effect. Grab a FREE account here and start buying Gold by the Gram. It is easy to use and packaged in a way that ensures that it is real and legitimate, and it will be stored in Germany in a vault for you until you are ready to have them FedEx it to you, as i do. And if you want to earn cash and Gold by referring others, this may be of interest to you. Contact me and let me HELP YOU BUILD AN INCOME $$$ PART TIME OF FULL TIME. Click here

Please keep in touch. It's always fun and interesting to see what people are doing in different parts of the world.

You never know when someone you meet will open your life to lots of possibilities you never knew existed.
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Live Your Dream,
Nestor Rivera
Independent Affiliate Karatbars.

This article was published on 04.08.2015 by Nestor Rivera
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