Free Viral Marketing System Helps CTFO Associats Get Exposure, Leads, & Signups

Passive Business Builder (PBB) is a free viral marketing system for the free CTFO business opportunity.  It uses mandated social media sharing to kickstart a viral social media campaign for members.  In order to join PBB, prospective members must first share the profile of an existing PBB member.  After sharing, the full profile is unlocked, which contains the CTFO associate link of the profile owner, and a link to signup for PBB.

The sharing is viral in nature, because any leads gotten from the act of sharing must fulfill the same requirement of sharing, which can result in a perpetual loop of free exposure, leads, and CTFO signups.  PBB members can accelerate the growth of their CTFO organizations exponentially because their team members can plugin to PBB and put the viral marketing system to work for themselves; making it extremely duplicatable, which is one of the top requirements of rapidly growing a successful network marketing downline.  The fact that it is a no cost system makes it that much more duplicatable because there are no barriers to entry.

PBB was founded by Michelle Green who built the platform for her spouse who is living the business  challenges of living with rheumatoid arthritis.  She wanted to build a system that would allow the business to grown on it's after doing the leg work to get it going.  Her background in web development made it possible and after a few weeks of grinding it out she produced PBB 1.0.

The PBB platform is only open to existing and prospective CTFO associates, but there are plans to create a mirror platform open to all network marketers.  This decision was made to keep things pure and avoid any conflict of interest that may be prohibited by CTFO.  

By plugging the free CTFO business opportunity into the free PBB viral marketing platform, members can kickstart a passive income with the potential to snowball into a substantial passive income from the momentum of a a few social media shares or even by a single well-connected person.

PBB is risk-free since both the CTFO business opportunity and the PBB viral marketing system are free to join.  Whether you are an existing CTFO associate or prospective, you can signup for PBB by visiting and sharing the profile page of an existing member.

This article was published on 18.12.2018 by Michelle Green
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Passive Business Builder - marketing automation, Free to join

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