Did you know what to do for a healthy lifestyle?

The highest stage of the hierarchy of human needs is HEALTH !!!

In youth, this doesn't seem important, understanding only comes at the age when health starts to be bad. Why wait ?!

I propose to reflect some health facts in context: problem solving!

The problem

Sedentary lifestyle.

Anyone who spends more than 3-4 hours in a daily position reduces their life by two years. And this dependence grows in the geometric progression

The solution

️ Go ahead! Here we go! Here we go! Train ... (at least mentally)

2-3 hours of physical activity per week strengthen the immune system!

Experts believe 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week is enough! Counting calories - that's about 2000! (+ -)

️ The problem

Water disadvantage! The lack of even a small amount of water in the body affects our well-being: the blood flows more slowly, the cellular supply with oxygen decreases, the general physical condition worsens - attention is broken, irritability appears, sore head, the reaction slows down.

The myth that the body needs 8 glasses a day is scientifically unreasonable. The most suitable, in my opinion, is the formula 30 ml per 1 kg of your weight!

However, if you are thirsty, this indicates that the body has lost 1% of its total weight. Losing 10% leads to being lethal.

The solution

DRINKING! Clean, quality water. NHT Global Cluster Water is an effective solution to the problem! (detailed in the photo gallery)

It saturates perfectly, freely penetrates through the cell membrane, is a means for the delivery of nutrients, the removal of toxins and the interaction between cells at the right level.

The problem

Chronic diseases!

To date, chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer are the cause of 60% of all deaths on earth.

However, there is good news! - all chronic processes are reversible - this is what the specialists think!

The imbalance is based on violations of the functioning of enzymatic cells, that is, cellular energy disturbance, the regulation of life-support processes of the organism, the information disunity of systems.

By understanding this, we can be proactively applied in these processes!

️ The decision! Do not wait for the disease to attack, but to prevent and support the body!

It uses modern natural row drugs that work on a cellular level that will saturate our cells with EVERYTHING they need!

(And what exactly do the cages need - see in the photo)

It is very important to choose a company that has proven itself as a producer of quality products!

Personally, I made a choice for myself and would love to recommend NHT Global!

This is perhaps the only company where for ALL 12 HUMAN SYSTEMS offers recovery and rejuvenation products!

Many of them are based on the discovery of Nobel Prize winners, have the highest quality standards and are personally tested!

* company products are not medicines. They are natural, safe, effective.

Put aging down! Prevent Diseases! Take care of you!

P. S .: I will definitely continue this topic in the following posts, and to let me know if it is relevant to you - let me know! Likes and comments are welcome!

You can order NHT Global products directly from the manufacturer! How?! - you ask - I will answer you !!!

This article was published on 05.02.2021 by Mike Valletta
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