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It is no secret that people don't want to waste their time and money on products that is not working. In the contrary there are a lot of people who is not interested in investing in their online business.

So the question is can you really start an online business without a cash investment? Well the answer is yes it is possible to start and grow your network and earn income but as with any business venture you will eventually get to the point where you will use your profits from your  online business or invest from your own pocket to excel  your success.

For clean start ups the ideal would be to connect to a social media platform where you can reach people easily and promote your product. There are many social media platforms out there but there is one that stands out for a start-up online business. FutureNet has been around since 2014 and has built a good reputation in allowing individuals to earn online income.

What makes FutureNet desirable is the easy and familiar Facebook like interface allowing newcomers to quickly get comfortable with the platform. Connecting to online business people/friends are much easier and growing “friends” lists of 10 000+ is not to difficult to do. Apart from this you also have access to online community groups where you can join to promote you products. The nice part about FutureNet is that you get paid a fraction of an amount just to be active on the platform! So yes when you chat, post pictures, like pages, comment on something you will get an activity bonus.

FutureNet also have various products you can purchase starting as low as $10 which enters you into the matrix that will allow you to earn income on your downlines purchases. There are 5 package levels of entry in the matrix each giving you some sort of advantage  so you can decide what level of investment to make if you were interested. There are also Adpack packages giving you the opportunity to take advantage of advertising and earning by watching Ads. FutureNet also provides you with methods and tools to obtain landing pages and momentum systems, blog tools etc. to boost your referrals.

So the question is still how do I start without investing money right? Well the method is pretty much how I got started and there are a lot of people that started the same way.

1. Register with FutureNet here is the link:  http://bezuil.futurenet.club/

2. Use reputable trustworthy platforms like MLM Gateway,

     Wealthy Affiliate  http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=24192483

      and promote these platforms products on FutureNet and vice versa.

In this way you build new connections and your referrals put you in a position to earn commission from all their online purchases. Commissions varies from 30-50%...

This method sounds easy and is but it might start slow until you get to the point where this method snow balls and excels to new levels!

You can try it you have nothing to lose! 

This article was published on 27.06.2016 by Leon Bezuidenhout
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Nathan Gurley Hi Leon, I went ahead and joined FutureNet. Look forward to seeing you at CashDownlineBuilder. It works well. See ya, NathanG  1 year ago

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