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hi, i am a mum of 4 kids, my eldest is 11 and my youngest is 3. finding work is difficult when you have to take into consideration childcare etc and the fact i dont drive.. i have been in network marketing for 1 year now, on the way i have learnt so much just in general and about myself.. i went into network marketing because its the only thing i can do and fit in around my family and other commitments, its crazy in our house, i get to work when i want and the hours i choose its fantastic.. 

i recently signed up to lifetree world its a mlm where you do your grocery shopping and get paid, I signed up april , i was active, i already have 2 team members, which my upline helped me get 1. its the simplist concept i have come across, whats even better is there is NO SELLING involved , so your not persuading your friends and family to buy products from you because they are THE BEST ON THE MARKET.. it is just grocery shopping which everybody does. i am so excited for my families future

This company is new to the u.k and has plans to go to 5 different countries next month, we are introducing 20,000 new product from fresh to frozen, we caters for all different ethnicities . 

The other amazing thing is we all help each other build your teams, so even though its your business we help you all the way, but obviously we cant do it all for you, you also have to work.

The marketing plan is very simple, its done by a points system.

this is how it works;

u.k only until next month, countries to be confirmed.

1. register for £35 100pv (around £165 per month)

3. sign 3 people after doing that once, you only need to do no.2 every month - doing a household shop... this will soon be a one stop shop for EVERYTHING.

Earnings as follows;

6 people shopping = £200+

22 people shopping = £750= per month

66 people shopping =£2000 per month - thats a full time income, ive not even mentioned you'll be part of the founders pool earnings from the company profit and other ways of earning!

all the way up to £50,000 per month- potential is huge and all your doing is something you already know how to do- SHOP!

so if you would like more info please contact me.

look forward to hearing from you


This article was published on 13.05.2016 by Zoe Brennan
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