The Worlds First Social Lottery

Until recently I hadn't played the Lottery for years. Now every Tuesday & Friday I play in LottoSpring the "World's First Social Lotto". I may or may not have have good luck; either way I WIN, luck merely determines how much I WIN. 

The LottoSpring system is designed to improve members chances of winning, give them the opportunity to PLAY for FREE, WIN when their friends WIN and WIN even when they lose.

LottoSpring uses syndicated Euro Millions tickets and winning numbers so it is 100% transparent.

Improved Chances of Winning

The chance of winning a substantial prize in any lottery is low. The core LottoSpring hybrid syndication increases your chances of a massive win, 50 fold and at the same time still provides you with opportunity of winning a life change amount of money.

You are placed in a syndicate with 49 other random members. If a member of a syndicate WINS the Jackpot, the winning member receives 20% of the prize with the balance split equally between the other 49 syndicate members. If a member of a syndicate wins either the 2nd or 3rd prize it is split equally between all 50 members.

Furthermore LottoSpring has guaranteed WINS for Jackpot winners.

Play for FREE

LottoSpring works on a 4 week cycle. If, during that period, 3 of your direct referrals PLAY then your fee is refunded, so you effectively PLAY for FREE. If during your first cycle you refer 3 playing members who continue to play you will only pay once, thereafter its FREE!

WIN when Your Friends WIN

Whenever YOU refer someone, they are placed in the first available position in your SOCIAL CIRCLE, a 5 wide x 6 deep matrix, a potential 19,530 people. Your Social Circle may be populated by members you introduce, members those in your social circle introduce or spillover from above. As your Social Circle fills through 6 levels of connection most of them will be people you've never heard of, but no matter.

When somone in your Social Circle WINS, you receive a "MULTIWIN". Your WIN is equal to 5% of their WIN or 10% if the winner is one of your direct referrals, regradless of its value, be it 5 Euros or 5 million euros. This payment to you does not diminish the prize they receive. As your Social Circle grows, probablity determines that you will receive many MULTIWINS and they soon add up to a substantial amount. 

Even When YOU Lose YOU WIN!

So far everything we've mentioned relies on an element of luck. The final part of the LottoSpring system enables you to build a guaranteed residual income.

Every time a member of YOUR Social Circle plays, a new 4 week cycle, you receive 100 BLITZ POINTS (200 for direct refferrals.) These are converted into guaranteed to WIN BLITZ TICKETS (300 per ticket).

For each BLITZ TICKET you receive 1 Euro if you match 0 numbers, WIN when you lose, rising to 50,000 Euros if you match all 5 numbers.

Cost of Participating

Each 4 week cycle costs 33 Euros (potentially refundable) and includes a total of 8 syndicated tickets (4 x Tuesday + 4 x Friday draws.)


(Please note LottoSpring is not available to residents of the USA, France, Iran and Iraq.)

This article was published on 02.12.2015 by Russell Chapman
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