The #1 Key To Sponsoring More People Into Your MLM Business

Perhaps you've noticed that many people are unable to sponsor others in their MLM business.

Why is this a problem you may ask?

You were able to see the value and reasons for joining, but why is it no one else seems to?

Truth is, they do and could. But there is one slight factor that many MLM business owners are not aware of and can be the reason they are unsuccessful at sponsoring.

So today, I want to focus on that #1 key factor, that if you get right, will improve your MLM sponsoring skills at a large scale.

What Is The #1 Factor For MLM Sponsoring?

The most important part of someone joining a MLM business, is their belief in it.

If they believe they can do it, or accomplish some success, they will join no problem.

You believed you could have success with it, right? That's why you got involved.

But for some, they aren't seeing it. So to get more people sponsored into your MLM business, you must focus on their inner beliefs and get them to see the picture, in their own eyes not yours.

How Do We Get Them To Believe In This?

Here is the problem, many people try too hard, the wrong way.

Telling someone how great the company is, the product is, and that stuff will not budge their belief that they can have success with it.

Some will never believe, and it's best to spot that and move on to save yourself time.

But the best way to get a person to believe, is through their own mind.

And you do this by asking them questions, and letting them tell you why they need to join. Make sense?

By getting them to answer your question with reasons why they need to join (but they don't know this is what you are doing) they will tell themselves they need this.

What Are The Questions To Use?

I'll share a couple with you, then you need to learn some on your own in your own way.

But after a presentation has been seen by your prospect, don't come back and ask "So, what did you think about it?"

That question opened up a reason for a skeptic mind to say why they don't believe. Many will reply to the question with "I don't like having to pay upfront for an opportunity" or something negative.

Instead, ask the question "So, what is it you liked the most about what you seen?" and they are asked to give you something positive you can work with. Make sure questions get a positive response to keep the prospect feeling positive.

So they answer back "Well, I like the idea of doing it part time - or the vacations - or the benefits" and now you agree and focus on that point really well. Do not just go off on what you think they will want to hear, just because it was what you wanted to hear.

Focus on what they liked best, as it creates your best chance of them wanting to do it.

Find Their Reason Of Need Or Pain

Another question to use for better MLM sponsoring tips, is to identify what their pain or need is in life.

If they say they are open to looking at the presentation, ask they "Why are you open?"

They may tell you one of many reasons, and you will know that there is an issue they want solved.

Your opportunity is designed to solve that exact issue.

If they say "I need to find a way to send my kids to college" or " I want to retire soon" your prospecting needs to be focused on using this opportunity for them to accomplish the task.

I Don't Want To Do MLM

Ever hear this one?

The best way to get through this is the following:

Prospect comes off presentation and says "well this is one of those MLM programs and I don't want to do that".

If you asked their paid upfront, you can always reply to "Well what were you hoping to see?" and let them tell you what they were hoping to see.

Most of the time, they don't have a dang clue at what they want to see or need to do, and that question quickly puts them in a spot of your the wise one and perhaps they aren't thinking in the best terms.

Overview Of The #1 Key To Sponsoring More In MLM

So hopefully these tips, questions and content will help you to get more people to believe in the industry and business.

If you can get them to believe they can be successful at this, or that it really is the solution, they will join.

If they believe that it is the answer to a problem they have, they will jump in with both feet.

If they believe they can do well in it, they will do the same.

But it is believing in it that matters. And what you believed in may not be theirs. So be sure to ask why they are open to looking at something new, and what they like most about what they seen. If they say they don't want to do MLM, ask them what they are hoping to find.

Remember, you are nothing more than a consultant that helps people with these situations. Act like that, and you will get that type of result.

Have A Tip To Share?

If you got some value to add to this, please do so in the comments below. If you got value and enjoyed what you read, also leave a comment. And as always, be sure to connect with me on MLM Gateway so we can continue to share tips and be notified when I create a new business announcement.

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This article was published on 06.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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