How to Build a Business and Save Money Too!

Why Spend More Than You Have To?

Am sure everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, shopping and spending a lot of money on "things." We all get caught up in the "just one more gift" mentality.  It's shocking how much people will spend at the holidays. And it's equally shocking to me how much people will spend to join a business or buy a product from an MLM.

Let's just think about something here.  First off, I have no argument with MLM's other than the fact that their products (which are usually very good quality) are marked up so much in order to entice new consultants to make commissions.  The product itself is not really worth the price you pay for it.  PLUS most of the time, those products are not "NEEDS" but simply "WANTS."  

If you live with a budget or limited funds, these extra expenses soon take quite a toll on the wallet.  People drop out of the business opportunity or stop being customers because they can't afford to continue on.  This means that you, the entrepreneur, must continually struggle to find new customers and consultants.  It's a never ending cycle.  Right?

A Better Offer For You

Now, I have two primary businesses that I promote.  And neither is an MLM.  One is absolutely free and can save you money (not spend it) and the other provides products you DO need every single day. You're going to buy these things anyway, why not get the best for your dollar?

This announcement, though, is more about saving money.  And one of the things we fail to consider is our utility costs.  We all use electricity, unless we are fortunate enough to be off grid and using solar/wind power.  So we are being bamboozled by the big electric companies.  They have held a monopoly on the rates for far too long.

Fortunately, deregulation has become reality in about 11 states now.  If you live in these states, you have the right to choose your own provider of electricity or natural gas.  The states that are currently open to competition are -- 


New Jersey


New York






Rhode Island





Washington DC

New Hampshire

If you live in any of these states, you could find a significant savings per kilowatt hour by using our energy provider.  As a long time customer (and recent consultant), I can attest to the savings, the tremendous customer service and the simple fact there is NO COST to you to switch your energy to Ambit.  

Try our energy services today.  Simply visit my website and input your Zip Code to determine what the rate would be in your area.  If you see that this is a favorable reduction from your current costs, feel free to contact me for assistance or simply sign up online.  There is never a charge to you for switching, joining, servicing or cancelling.  No fees ever.

This article was published on 17.12.2015 by Cheryl Keyworth
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