I have found the fountain of youth!

It`s the water you end up with when you take one half a gal of water and add one Aqualyte sachet  and  4 half droppers of Ionyte!  This water has all the minerals your body needs to rebuild it's self! Every single cell knows just what to do when given the right stuff! The right stuff!

If your car brakes down , you take it in for repair, for them to fix it they need the right stuff! Every cell of our bodies need the right stuff to even get though the day!

Speaking of which, I am a Disabled Vietnam Vet , and I was on my last legs! I could not get up and use the rest room without my walker! Then I heard about the Basic Reset products! I thought I'd try them! So I got the Ionyte and Aqualyte and gave them a try! On the 3ed day I felt better! By the end of the week I felt 30 years younger! I could move without pain! I could walk without my walker! I was totally  sold out! 

Even my little dog who is very old felt it before I did! He use to just drag myself out for a walk , now he loves going out again! Wants to smell everything  in a 4 block area! Before he allows me to turn for home!

Then I tried Vibrant! Basic Resets's healthy energy drink! Wow, that stuff is super! I use to get very sleeply working at my computer, but with the Vibrant I can get 4 or 5 as much stuff done! It's a clam energy , a you know you have it, but it's clam , fun , not all wired up feeling. that causes a crash, and you feel all used up after! No, It lets you down easy and you feel great!

If you take it to late , you can still lay down and go to sleep!  I suffer from PTSD! Sometimes gets really bad! But the vibrant takes the edge off! I'm able to clam down , and even Nap a little! Believe me Basic Reset is heaven sent!

What more it's free to join! There is no monthly fees! There is no auto-ship! You don't even have to buy anything to sell it! Lots of people have signed up , and got their website for free, ran some free ads around the net, and made enough to but the products!

They pay 35% on your 1st level. 10% on your 2ed and, 5% on your 3ed! That really adds up! They pay everyday so you can use your funds to buy products at any time you have enough! And every Weds they pay us at PayPal !  

The best company I've ever worked for! And I feel great cause their products really work! As 100's of other people will tell you too!

And It Is FREE to Join!

Go TO:


and join up today! You'll feel great all the way to the bank!

James Seal

This article was published on 11.06.2016 by James Seal
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