It's time for Network marketing to Change

What is Ibuumerang??

You are here because you want to take advantage of this brand new business opportunity . A once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Ibuumerang is a brand new company that enable people save money in the travel industry . Travel is an

 $8 Trillion industry . Here is a detail statistic of what is spent on travel all around the world:

 $174 333 is spent per second

$626.6 million is spent per hour

$15.04 Billion is spend per day!


But did you know that there are only two companies that monopolizes travel? Yes that's right! These companies are Booking Holdings and Expedia Group . These two companies own almost all the travel booking platform out there, Kayak, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelocity,,, etc.. That is why they monopolize the travel industry.

But did you know that behind those prices we see on those platforms, there exist curtain age prices for the same service with 30 to even 70% savings?? Unbelievable right??

You should be surprised because less than 1% of 1/10th of the world know about this . You can thank us later . For now we want to show you how you can benefit from what you already know.

So what’s the opportunity in this?

That should be the question you have on your mind right now . So to make a long story short, we believe in giving out good will, and so our main aim and conception is goodwill giving . When you throw out goodwill, goodwill will find its way back to you,that’s just the way it is . You simply help people save money, and while they save money , you make money . You simple give out a website to someone to go book travel (flights, hotels,cars,cruises, Parks,Excursions,Restaurants, Golf playing,World tour...etc) , the website will have the prices of the other famous booking platforms listed above with which your prospect can compare and actually see how much they are saving .

Once they book and take the trip , you get paid a 25% commission on the savings they made . Interesting, isn’t it? . Yes of course! . You yourself can buy those travel from the website at those unbelievable prices . With that, you can go wherever you wish, stay at whatever hotel you wish, and do whatever you wish to do , ...amazing right?

Make money with no selling and no recruiting …

You have just been presented with an amazing opportunity, and with this you do not have to sell anything or recruit anyone to make money . You have friends and family who travel or who are planning to take trip, who stay at hotels, who rent cars..etc , you simply ask them if they would like to save money on their next trip,or hotels etc… Of Course they will want to, everyone loves saving money . So you simply send them to the website, they book and take the trip, and you get paid . You did not sell anything or recruit anyone !

Now for those who want to take this to the next level, and make it a business of their own, we got you covered with our simple formula ‘PRIB” (Perpetual Residual Income Builder) .

This is a network solution in our business with which you can recruit people and have them join our company . The compensation plan is so so huge , 50 to 100% compensation, right up to six levels down your pyramid . This is huge , and something never heard, seen, or done before!

How are we different from other network companies??

With the traditional network companies old model, the prospect pays more, and only the best recruiters win . We have come to revolutionize things with a new model :

You make money, only when your prospects saves money! This has never existed in the history of network marketing . That is why thousands of people all around the world are diving into this opportunity . Some join so as to save money in travel, others join to make some extra cash, and most for life changing business opportunity . So where do you fall ?

The company is brand new, so you have an advantage in being part of it and profiting before the whole world falls into it . 

Be in the place to tell the next person about this, and not for the next person to tell you about this!

Your next step…...

Join Us today, it doesn't matter where you are or who you are . Everyone is interested in saving money , and making money . You miss this opportunity, you have missed the opportunity of your life . No time for Excuses .

Join Us Now! Visit the website below!

This article was published on 02.04.2019 by Eva Evareste
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Tradera - Cashback,Savings,, 100 USD to join

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