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  ~ Hi there! My name is J.Leigh and I live in the beautiful mountain town of Durango, Colorado. I would love to share with you my “Insight to Abundance.” But first, I must warn you….this insight is being given by a woman who is legally blind. Yes, Mrs. 20/400 vision is going to share with you how laser focused my vision is and how crystal clear my insight is towards life.

To start off, though, my life was actually quite normal. I had a loving childhood, did the college thing here in Durango, became a middle school teacher and then started a family. Life was incredibly good and then...


My life started spinning out of control. I had an emergency hysterectomy, a double mastectomy, back surgery and knee surgery. To top it all off, I was diagnosed with macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the U.S.) Even more devastating, this all happened within an 11-month period, before the age of 30! And just when things couldn’t get any worse, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Upon return from her funeral, I was greeted with a lovely eviction notice in my mailbox.

As a result of these crazy events, I chose to resign from my teaching job, 

the career I loved and thought I would retire from. 

So then what? How was I going to financially contribute to my family? How was I going to find a job that would accommodate my eyesight issue, yet be flexible enough to schedule around my intense physical therapy? I had a 10 month-old baby and a 3 year-old son to raise. I had a husband who was acting as father, nurse, caregiver, chauffeur, maid, psychiatrist……EVERYTHING! (Thank goodness my hubby is soooo amazing!!) How was I going to support my family?

Then it hit me. Network Marketing. Affiliate Marketing. Direct Sales. I had actually been introduced to the industry when I was age 22, but at that time, I had a "REAL job". I was a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER and I supposedly knew it all, right?! So, I didn’t need the industry at that time. I didn’t have a big enough WHY for the industry. Besides, I had tried three different MLM companies

and none of them worked for me!

Well, if any industry is forgiving, it is definitely network/affiliate marketing. I became an avid student of the entire concept and I DECIDED to give it another shot. I worked so dang hard with the company I chose, and within 47 days, I had a check from my MLM company that was larger than my teaching salary! WHAT??? It worked??? How??? I decided…

Now, many years later, I have vowed that I will still be a teacher. But this time, I get to teach those of you who really want the knowledge, the true insight. And no, I won’t flunk you….

your paycheck will reflect who you really are!

I also adore helping traditional business owners with their marketing efforts. It is so fun to translate the MLM language to Main Street and share how similar the two professions are. Besides, I am a closet brain-stormer and I absolutely adore helping others succeed in business and life. 

When you are truly ready to build your

legacy lifestyle, 

I’ll be here for you. 

To Your Legacy,,

 ~ Jenny Leigh Mestas ~

Everyone has a "disability"; you just have to choose if it is 

a talent or an excuse." ~ J.Leigh

Please visit my website:  LegacyInsight.com
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This article was published on 04.07.2016 by J.leigh Mestas
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