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Considering this business was initially begun as a sideline income to another mlm, I soon realised within the 18 month I spent there and loved it, I similarly adored the range by Le-Vel and in the first 6 months tripled that income. I decided to focus on the one business, alongside my animal rescues, young family and studies. Its intense but so very beneficial.

I struggled to get up each morning, to find the energy to be my own person, I was a mum, a homemaker, a chauffeur and a butler (sound familiar?) I would do nappies, clean, wash, bathe and so forth and I love being a mum with all my heart but I needed more and to find myself. A friend introduced me to Le-Vel and thrive and although nervous I decided to jump in with both feet and signed up there completely FREE and then without trying it as a promoter. I then invested into a $400 pack, chancy maybe, best decision, definitely!

That pack gave me a full 3 month supply, that was a month for myself and my partner and a month for samples to send out. Anxious about the amount put in and working my way around the site I still hit first bonus, voila £265 and $100 in credits to spend on products, plus commission! So close to next two bonuses, missed one and scored the second - Ipad bonus! Thankyou kindly!

My aim in the next 3 months is to have a company car completely paid for and brand new - that's a stunning BMW I reckon for me in black. I have a global team and with out recent release in Australia and New Zealand we have tripled sales in 3 months for last years figures and the business has expanded 400% and more in the 4 years its been around.

Thrive is our product and we have a fantastic refer two friends, thrive for free plan accessible for ANYONE and as a customer or promoter its free to set up an account on;


It isn't easy and it does take work, if you want a free handout, speak to the jobcentre or father Christmas but if you want a career, a income you earned yourself and to be able to have the life, be the best you can physically and get up each day with a smile, motivated and spend time with your family and friends not stuck in a office! Then look me up on facebook/twitter etc. Say hi and where you saw this post and sign up for a free account just to browse how incredible your life could be with Le-Vel.

#Thrivingisliving #foreverthriving #thrivingfamily

Team Kittens Beauties

Leanne Madeley-Jones


This article was published on 31.03.2016 by Leanne Madeley-Jones
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Annette Holderfield I love Thrive and it has been a true life changer for me!  2 years ago

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