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​​In​ July, 2016, 150,000 people worldwide joined our business, ​OneCoin​!

90% from Asian countries / 10% from the​ rest of the world​. The United States​ & the rest of the world​ is wide open!​​

Cryptocurrency Is Larger Than The Music, Gaming & Movie Industries Combined!

"What Is It?"​ you ask ~​

OneCoin is positioning itself to become the first global cryptocurrency​.​ ​Y​ou can

earn from the next "Facebook of the cryptocurrency world"​!

​C​lick​ ​on "Evolution"

​Over 2,500 people have already become Millionaires & 35,000​ ​affiliates are earning 

six figures!​​ Five of the top 10 earners worldwide are affiliates​ in OneCoin / OneLife​ ~​

​Our top earner makes $4 Million monthly & is on track to achieve $48 million

in 2016! ​(see Juha Parhiala)

OneCoin is Growing Fast - 320 Millionaires in Commission

​In less than two years, OneCoin has become the #2 cryptocurrency company in the world, based on Market Capitalization, behind the first cryptocurrency company, Bitcoin. If you have heard of Bitcoin, you probably also heard that cryptocurrency created many millionaires. OneLife, the marketing and business entity of OneCoin, is setting records for membership and growth in the network marketing industry. You’ll be interested to learn more about this unique opportunity we are offering.


Here are some of the many reasons people all around the world, from all professions and income levels are paying close attention and joining OneLife....

Fastest growing network marketing company in history, bar none

Company surpassed $1 BILLION in sales in first 12 months of operation and surpassed $2 Billion just three months later

Created over 2500 Millionaires in first 21 months

Well over 35,000 affiliates earning 6 figures

We already have 5 of the top 11 money earners in all of Network Marketing

Well over 3,000 customers per day are purchasing our packages

Conducting business in over 200 countries 

The best of the best network marketers around the world are joining us


Everyone that has joined this company has made money. Everyone! And no one has lost money. You'll be glad you checked it out and found out about it now while it is still so new and with all the exciting things that are happening with us in the next few months and this year. What is happening with my portfolio is pretty amazing and that is not even counting any recruiting and bonus income.


​I​n June 2016​, I signed up @ the FREE "Rookie" position & upgraded to the $1,300 "ProTrader"​ package 

(although there are lesser ​& greater​ packages). The next day, my sponsor Greg White sent me the following​ ​

performance assessment:

"Good morning Keith.

Just an FYI; not only did you upgrade at the right time to take advantage of the split that will be happening in the next day or three, you also upgraded after the 10% bonus tokens OneCoin is offering for a limited time. So instead of 10,000 tokens, you received 11,000 that will soon be worth 22,000 tokens.

Even at today's coin value of $7.07 and a mining difficulty of 63, after the split you will send 349 coins to mining at a total value of $2,467.43. That should be more than double what you've paid. NICE.

It gets better Not only will the coin value continue to go up, but in early October, OneCoin will double everyone's quantity of coins, so your 349 coins will then be 698 coins. By then, I fully expect the coin value to be over $8.40, based on what has been the average increase per month over the past year. So... based on today's mining difficulty (It will be a little higher in October), the new number of coins you will have and an estimated coin value of $8.40 each, you portfolio will be worth an estimated $5,863.20.

Not bad for an estimated $1300.00 upgrade to Pro Trader."

This product ​is​ digital, social & networked worldwide! 

Secure your ​FREE ​position​ TODAY​ @​ ​ , let us familiarize you with the details 

& help​ you ​to ​create an extra cash flow with OneCoin​ for You & your family​.

OneCoin Webinar:

All times shown are CST.

Or dial: 646.558.8656

Mtg. Id# 991 130 6060

Come, early!

Mon-Thurs 8pm CST Sat. 11am CST

DigiCoin/Traffic Training: Sun 8pm CST

This article was published on 17.09.2016 by Keith Lamont Ward, J.d.
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