Serious Affiliates - Massive Lifetime Residual Income - Limited Number Accepted

My name is Tom Cooper, and as you are about to discover I have something you have been dreaming about since you first thought about enjoying Freedom and Wealth at the same time. You must act now however because there is only  going to be a limited number affiliates accepted before the doors close forever. Here is why.

Whether you are a gamer or not, whether you like sports or could care less, vast numbers of people around the world are on there phones playing games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or a ton others just like them. They generate BILLIONS of dollars each. The company I am about to introduce you to has chosen to market through a team of  affiliates, but once the game is launched it will go viral, so they want to limit the number of affiliates so the opportunity isn't over saturated. Once the doors close, they will remain closed forever. It truly will be an elite team enjoying massive income.  So what is this app?

One of the worlds most respected and successful sports game creators (I can't reveal names here but you can find out by visiting the link below) is about to blow the roof off of Sports Gaming (Think Fantasy Football like Draft Kings and Fan Duel) These apps make literally Billions of dollars per year, and they barely penetrate the U.S sports market.

We have an app that will be the next generation of sports app and will penetrate the global sports market in not just football, but every kind of popular sport on the planet: Do you have any idea how many people throughout the world are fanatic fans of Soccer? Whew... the breadth of this business blows the mind.

1) Multiple Sports 2) Worldwide 3) Free App 4) Live and Interactive - You can call the next play for instance 5) Play against others to see who is the BEST. 6) Player Awards and Incentives 7) Made by the TOP Programmers in the industry.

This is NO JOKE. It is groundbreaking and is going worldwide when it launches in September 2016.

You have a chance to start building your team now! Recruit Affiliates and/or Players

Revenue is generated two ways.  1) Players buy tokens to play. 2) Players watch a 30 second commercial for a major company like Ford or Chevy and they can play for free. Every time an ad plays $1 gets paid to the company.

43% of all of this revenue is paid back to the affiliate group. No player or affiliate comes in without being assigned to an affiliate. Your income goes through several tiers of people you sign up, and whom they sign up etc...

Multiply this times literally an expected Billion + players around the world, reloading their tokens and watching ads, and the income levels are staggering. AND there will only be a limited number of affiliates sharing all of this income.

Sooo... are you interested?

Go to: and sign in to receive your invitation.

Personally I wouldn't wait another minute if I were you.

God Bless,

Tom Cooper

This article was published on 21.07.2016 by Tom Cooper
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