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Quick Commerce: An Essential Guide for Direct selling businesses

The technological advancements create a plethora of opportunities for direct selling businesses to grow and succeed. However, when opportunities increase, the competition in the market also increases. Direct selling companies spend large resources on devising strategies to overcome the stiff competition in the market. Q-commerce can help you gain a competitive advantage in the direct selling business, it is the next generation of e-commerce business model and it ensures rapid delivery of products within an hour of placing an order. Q-commerce delivers an incredible experience to customers and it has a myriad of opportunities for your direct selling business to flourish. 

Implement q-commerce in direct selling

Q-commerce provides a myriad of opportunities for the direct selling business to flourish. Here are the three steps to implement the q-commerce business model in direct selling. 

  • Set up a local hub

The speed of product delivery mainly depends upon the location of your warehouse and customers. Traditional e-commerce sets up a few large warehouses in various locations, usually outside urban areas as it requires huge space. This is one of the main reasons behind the slow delivery speed of products in e-commerce. But in q-commerce, it set up various dark stores or micro fulfillment centers across high-density urban areas to deliver products rapidly. Moreover, the q-commerce business model opts for two-wheelers for quick delivery of products as its less chance to be impacted by heavy traffic and it is easy to park. So the first step in implementing q-commerce in your direct selling business is to set up a local hub. 

  • Choose your product range

Your direct selling business may have a wide range of products, However, all products may not suit the rapid delivery q-commerce business model. It depends upon the nature and usage of the product like essentials products, daily-use products, etc. So choose your product range wisely as per your customer's demands. 

  • Cutting edge software

Inventory management is an important aspect of q-commerce. It decides the speed of delivery of products. A quick commerce business model can't succeed if you don't have the right software to manage the inventory properly. You need cutting-edge technologies to manage and automate inventory and order fulfillment. 

Implementing q-commerce in your direct selling business can deliver an incredible experience to your customers. This can help you to build a competitive unique selling proposition (USP) for your direct selling business. 

This article was published on 30.12.2022 by Noufal P Bava
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