Come Join Me on My Jamberry Journey!!

In 2010, 3 sisters Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri were tired of going weekly to an over-priced salon and never getting the results they paid for. So they deceided to create a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps. Today, Jamberry is one of the most successful Direct Sales companies in the business with one-of-a-kind nail wraps that truly represent your signature style!

Jamberry nail wraps are made with durable materials and can last for up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toes. With over 350 nail wraps in a variety of designs, you can customize, pair, and layer Jamberry nail wraps to create a look that’s all your own—all from the comfort of your home. 

In addition to nail wraps, we also offer a variety of professional nail lacquers and incredible gel enamels for a fun way to create a funky accent nail. Along with our Application Kits, Mini-Heater, and Hand & Nail Care items, our selection includes everything you need to pamper yourself and keep your nails looking fresh and put together everyday!! After all, don't you feel better when you have pretty nails? I know I do! So, come join me on this incredible journey called Jamberry Nails! 

This is what I hear A LOT!!

"No thanks I'm not a salesperson."

Oh okay.....

1. You shares the Coke bottle with your name on it that caused everyone to go buy a Coke with their name on it: SOLD.

2. You posted a picture of a delicious meal item from a restaurant that caused all of your friends to go there to try it for themselves: SOLD.

3. You shared the latest book that you read that caused all of your friends to download it or rush to Barnes and Noble: SOLD.

4. You went to see a movie and loved it so much you shared it with your friends and that caused them to take their entire family to see it: SOLD.

5. You received a great deal at a local store...a deep discount. You couldn't wait to share it with your network so they too could take advantage of the savings: SOLD.

Only difference is...

You didn't get paid for those referrals. :):):):)

Coca Cola did.

The restaurant did.

Barnes and Noble did.

The movie theater did.

The local store did.

How about SHARE-ing about an amazing product that really IS amazing, and YOU get paid from that???

"Not a salesperson?"

Can you imagine being able to go to your job and being able to fire your boss? Who hasn't had that dream? It only costs $99 to join. That's a nice meal for 2 at a really nice restaurant. So, why not become your own boss?

This article was published on 27.04.2016 by Michelle Tibbs
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