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No matter what you attempt to do in life you have to learn something about whatever it is you'll be working on. Trial and error is a great teacher, but it is most often extremely destructive and using that approach with anything more complex than nailing two pieces of board together can be extremely frustrating and a waste of time, effort, and money.

This is a particularly true when the task or business involves influencing other people. Trial and error has no place in human relations. A wrong word, act, or expression can destroy the closest of relationships.

I'm sure I am not telling you anything you don't  already know, but I wanted to remind you about the importance of knowing as much as possible about oil, how and why its price affects your income with the Barons, how we differ  from 99.9% of other MLMs, the right and wrong ways  to promote your website, and about the brochures, leaflets, booklets, flyers, business cards and other promotion materials available free on your website.

In spite of how much I despise most product-based MLMs Forbes Magazine seems to think it is in  for explosive growth. At least they thought so in 2014.

FORBEs August 2014 At some point in your life you’ve been pitched a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling, or network marketing business opportunity.  While the pitch varies from company to company, it basically promises a chance to ditch your 9-5 work schedule, be your own boss, and make lots of money while making new friends in the process.

It all sounds good on paper, yet there is a seemingly endless debate over whether these companies and programs are legitimate business opportunities or not, so I dug in and got the real scoop.  As a result, I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.

But why the Oil Business?

With oil prices lower than they have been in 20 years since 2006 now is a safe time to use the usually dangerous 'buy low...sell high' strategy for investment. Anyone in this economy who has any money to invest will surely be a winner.

It's very obvious that crude oil prices can't help but skyrocket when the current over-supply is used up in the next year or so. In fact, all of the oil in the earth's crust will be gone within 50 years. BP scientists estimate 54 years, but most oil scientists are predicting depletion by 2045. In any event, it is going fast and prices have nowhere to go but up as world-wide shortages begin to affect the manufacture of plastics, computers, and cell phones.

So why have oil prices dropped so sharply over the past year? And what caused  the bankruptcies of hundreds of oil producers and shut down more than 1,000 multi-million dollar oil rigs?

Market analysts insist that it's merely a short-term matter of over-production, stockpiling, and decreased demand and there is substantial evidence to support their theories.

At the same time, being a conspiracy theorist, I can't help wondering it wasn't planned to help the rich get richer. I can visualize a large group of excited billionaires early in 2014, conspiring to dump their oil shares - slowly so as not to wake up the small fish - at nice high prices, then start purchasing again when they hit a pre-determined bottom again – over and over.

It's not an uncommon strategy. mining stock promoters Murray Pezim, Tommy Humphreys, Jack Babikian, Mickey Fulp, and countless others employed similar tactics to make fortunes on the Vancouver stock exchange. The strategy works very well. In fact it's that very thing that motivated me to create The New Oil Barons program.

I often wanted to take advantage of some of these market manipulations but I'm not Warren Buffet or J. Paul Getty and market manipulation has always been out of my financial reach. We the people have never been able to get involved in oil because of the high investments required. One share of BP is selling today around $360.86 but you can't buy one share. In fact, you'd have a hard time finding a broker willing to sell you ten. If you could find one, his fees would be prohibitive. And buying oil futures is even farther out of the question; you have buy 1,000 barrels per contract. Even at $30  a barrel it's too steep for most people.

So, with all of us in mind (you and I, welfare recipients, pensioners, handicapped, street people, ex-cons, the working poor, and regular folk), I set about finding a way to give everybody a chance to accumulate oil shares at a price affordable to everyone. I figured that at some point in every month most people can 'beg, borrow, or steal' twenty five dollars in change or bills to start buying oil at this low price and getting rid of it again when the price reaches it's 2014 level of $110.

I got the answer one day listening to Kenny Rogers singing 'The Gambler'on my car radio. It called up memories of losing a lot of money in the Las Vegas casinos using the "martingale" system of doubling your losing bet again and again until you win. Which, in a way, is what MLMs are based on: the awesome power of duplication.

Then there was the story of John D. Rockefeller giving away quarts of lamp oil on the streets of New York to promote petroleum oil as a low cost replacement for whale oil. Why not do the same thing by giving away 5-gallon cans of crude oil on the internet?

As you know, the price of crude oil is at it lowest since 2002, largely because of over production. More than 1,000 oil rigs have shut down since prices started dropping from $143.85 a barrel in 2008 to their $33.65 low in January this year. Tanker ships loaded with millions of barrels of oil are anchored or tied up along the coast of countries around the world waiting for prices to go back up which seems to happening now in May 2016.

Of course they still have a long way to go and the opportunity remains. The world demand for oil is hovering close to 35 billion barrels a year and rising. So with BP's oil scientists telling us that all of the oil left in the earth's crust will be gone in 54 years, can you imagine oil prices remaining low? Well stretch your imagination a bit and think what the last 100 million barrels – less than one day's world wide consumption - will sell for?

If there ever was a chance to make money with the 'buy low...sell high' strategy, this is it.

Join  the New Oil Barons today.

This article was published on 03.05.2016 by cals5839 .
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